The NEW TTK 65 E dehumidifier – pleasantly discreet


What is so appealing about our new dehumidifier? First, its inconspicuousness thanks to its timeless design. Secondly, it has been fully equipped with all the usual functions of a comfort dehumidifier from our tried and tested TTK series. And thirdly, we are offering a cost saving of over 45 % – since if you order right away, you will benefit from our maintenance discount pending delivery in calendar week 50 and save another 10 euros!

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NEW TTK 69 E dehumidifier


Pure grandeur – the eloquently styled TTK 69 E dehumidifier brings class to any office or living room. Its top panel with piano finish look appeals not only to design enthusiasts, it will also please tech-savy pragmatists with its wide range of equipment features. And even as an economist you will get your money’s worth from this object for finer living – because if you order now, you can make a budget saving of an additional 10 euros until delivery in calendar week 49. Read More

Always ready for action


Tanks, ammunition, helicopters, uniforms and a number of defence technology equipment must always be at hand and at the ready for the Bundeswehr. Only then will the troops be fully equipped for exercises and, of course, for deployment. But this equipment needs to be maintained. And this only works with optimum storage. The powerful DH series dehumidifiers by Trotec are ideally suited to avoid moisture related damage. For protection during continuous operation!

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NEW Dehumidifier TTK128 E – top dehumidifier at top conditions

TTK 128 E Dehumidifier

Isn’t that paradoxical? Our new top of the line TTK 128 E ensures exemplary dryness even in your very large residential and office spaces. At the same time, our Deal offer ensures that your budget stays exceptionally liquid. And that’s not a contradiction in terms, but the finest Trotec technology in visually flawless guise at the best possible conditions!

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NEW TTV 68 E Dehumidifier – available for delivery today!


A few days ago, the TTK 68 E was still standing here on our show staircase – now our new gem is ready for delivery starting today. And the best bit is: Bargain shoppers still continue to benefit from our DEAL offer which expires October 11, but the device will be shipped immediately! That’s pure madness – you’d say here at Oktoberfest, but with us that’s simply: Trotec at work!

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Biological and valuable


When producing wood pellets, it is essential that the equipment and the storage containers are clean and dry. Because this is the only way the biological fuel is protected against damaging moisture form the outset. Guarantee your customers the best quality by using the high-performance TTR series adsorption dehumidifiers from Trotec. When working to protect your goods, these machines are durable, low-maintenance and flexible to configure. Professional technology for professional quality – from Trotec of course!

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The perfectly adjusted climate


Optimal dehumidification is an absolute must in the paper industry. First of all, an excessive loss of moisture must be prevented once the paper has been dried so that the product does not become weakened and brittle. Secondly, the humidity in the surrounding air cannot be too high, especially when it comes to storing the paper. Otherwise mould stains and mildew formation pose a risk. In order to achieve the optimal air humidity level, manufacturers rely on the stationary TTR series stationary absorption dehumidifiers from Trotec.

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Exceptional service


To ensure there isn’t too much of a wait before someone can move into a house or flat after it has undergone a full renovation, and to keep the new tenants or owners happy, many estate agents now rely on the use of additional technology. The high-quality and effective dehumidifiers from Trotec accelerate the drying process of building materials. And following extensive renovation, rooms will be ready for their new occupants much sooner thanks to quick drying times for glues, paints and varnishes. Offer your customers this added convenience and spare yourself the long wait. A truly exceptional service!
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Hot summer air means damps basements

Hot summer

It sounds like a contradiction but it’s true: Unfortunately, anyone who opens up the door or windows to their basement in the hope of properly airing it out and drying it often achieves exactly the opposite. The walls really start to perspire. The explanation for this phenomenon is simple and brings up the clever word of “summer condensation”.

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Preserving quality and aroma

DH Series

Raw tobacco, and in particular delicate oriental tobacco, is a sensitive and often very valuable commodity. Protecting it during transportation, and above all during storage, is therefore a top priority. The dried and fermented leaves must never be exposed to elevated air humidity levels, otherwise there is a risk of mould and mould stains. If the ambient air in the warehouse is too dry, the leaves will dry out and quickly loose their aroma. Give this delicate commodity the climate it needs to develop the best quality. The industrial dehumidifiers from Trotec’s DH series make it possible. Read More