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TEH high-performance electric heating units

In the administration and management of buildings you often expect surprises: water damage or broken-down heating or cooling systems. As facility manager, you have to react as quickly as possible in order to limit the damage.

A dehumidifier or construction dryer is essential for drying out wet areas of a building’s structure, a mobile heating system can step in if the heating breaks down, and a short-term cooling device can keep the air-conditioning in order if there is a problem with the cooling system. Prepare yourself for numerous possibilities – with a selection of mobile devices from Trotec! Read More

When the cold store turns icy: choose a Trotec industrial dehumidifier

Trotec industrial dehumidifier

It sounds paradoxical: in refrigerated warehouses temperatures must be kept low. But at the same time, you must try to prevent ice from forming. This is because fog and ice here can be dangerous. Icy floors cause highly dangerous slipping hazards. Icicles can form on ceilings which can fall down and hit staff.

Fog reduces visibility. In addition, technical devices can freeze over and cooling systems become overloaded. But what causes this unwanted ice to form in the first place? Damp air, which penetrates the warehouse from outside, condensing and freezing on the cool surfaces. So target the damp air and prevent  ice and fog from forming in your refrigerated warehouse – with a dessicant dehumidifier from the TTR range from Trotec!

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Fresh air for pipes

TTR 400 D and TTR 500 D

Ordinary dehumidifiers cannot be installed in gas distribution stations. The risk of explosion would be too high. At the same time, air humidity is extremely high, which in turn damages pipes, the building itself and electronics. Condensation on pipes, mould growth on ceilings and walls, frost damage in winter and the high restoration costs to match will all be waiting in line if nothing is done to combat the high air humidity in a distribution station.

Trotec has the solution to the problem! The dehumidifiers from the TTR range include models that are pressure-tolerant and also work with excess pressure. The models marked with the letter “D” are best suited for use in gas distribution stations.

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Risk of mould due to increased air humidity in winter!

Dehumidifier TTK 40 E

Clouded windows! Did you enjoy drawing all over the steamed up windows as a child? Especially small love hearts or – more ambitiously – a game of noughts and crosses? The wet glass is now a warning of the increased air humidity that comes in the autumn and winter.

And it can lead to serious problems with mould.

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The TTK 75 S Dehumidifier – finally back in stock!

TTK 75 S Dehumidifier

The TTK 75 S, our most popular dehumidifier,  was sold out for quite some time. Now it’s finally back in stock – and still top of the class: thanks to its outstanding performance the TTK 75 S received an overall mark of 1,3 from the reviewers “Heimwerker Praxis” and, on top of that, was awarded the distinction “Best of 2014”. The TTK 75 S – a real hotshot that keeps its promise and keeps things dry: Welcome back!

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Our Dehumidifier TTK 90E is available again

tro_blog_banner_ttk90e_enMost popular, that’s why it’s sold out from time to time, but back again: our Comfort Dehumidifier still convinces with its fine design and a whole variety of  comfortable high class features – for a special price: the Dehumidifier TTK 90 E!

With this performance the TTK 90 E remains in dialogue: constructed for rooms of up to 90 m² it manages a dehumidification performance of up to 30 litres a day. Read More