Adviser ‘Bad air causes illness’ – too much CO2, too little oxygen

If something appears to be especially valuable to us, we like to use this metaphor to illustrate it: “As important as the air we breathe!” But crucial for our well-being is a sufficient proportion of oxygen in the atmosphere. Yet this is quickly consumed in rooms where several people are at one time, while the level of CO2 exhaled constantly rises. Only regular and proper ventilation can remedy this – and ideally ventilation according to DIN standards!

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Fire and comfort


When the fireplace or stove is lit, anyone who doesn’t ensure the right humidity in their home will feel the consequences. Our mucous membranes are quickly dried out by the dry room air. Our eyes and noses become unpleasantly itchy. Some people suddenly start to suffer from skin irritations and rashes.

For unimpeded enjoyment of comfort from your fire, you should always provide the room with additional humidification as soon as the fire starts to crackle. Place a bowl of water on the mantelpiece. The water evaporates and provides pleasant humidity. You can give your skin and mucous membranes additional protection by drinking enough. It is recommended to drink fresh and healthy water that you keep fresh with a SecoSan stick from Trotec.

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NEW TTK 69 E dehumidifier


Pure grandeur – the eloquently styled TTK 69 E dehumidifier brings class to any office or living room. Its top panel with piano finish look appeals not only to design enthusiasts, it will also please tech-savy pragmatists with its wide range of equipment features. And even as an economist you will get your money’s worth from this object for finer living – because if you order now, you can make a budget saving of an additional 10 euros until delivery in calendar week 49. Read More

New Adviser-Series ‘Bad Air Makes You Ill.’

air conditioning

Although we all know how good unused and fresh air is for us, we make the same mistakes again and again: We sit behind closed doors, in stuffy, overheated air, or moist cold draughts, bravely ignoring any food odours as well as the other mould stain, and then wonder about our headaches. Therefore, our new Adviser-Series is all about clean air at home and at the office – because bad air makes you ill!

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Find defects before it’s too late

thermal imaging camera

The force that acts upon the turbines of a wind power plant is enormous. Therefore, the components which are manufactured from composite materials must be in flawless condition. Even the smallest of material defects can lead to substantial dangers – from the risk of cracks which mean generation downtimes or even rotor blade breakage. Both during production and then shortly before assembly, the rotor blades must be subjected to rigorous quality control checks. Even the smallest of cracks and concealed defects in the material of the components are made visible with the help of infrared technology. The thermal imaging cameras from Trotec provide the newest technology for detecting faults in composite materials. With the IC080LV thermal imaging camera, a precise and non-destructive inspection of the rotor blades is carried out quickly and easily. For the highest degree of safety during the commissioning of wind power plants!

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New BP2F food thermometer – the ideal combination device for professionals

food thermometer

The BP2F is our new and reliable professional solution that combines two temperature monitors for food in just one device. First, it enables fast, contact-free surface measurements using infrared. Secondly, a stainless steel insertion thermometer enables the measurement of core temperatures. This is the perfect device for the high requirements faced by production and transportation companies, retailers, inspectors and the gastronomy sector as a whole.

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NEW Infrared heating panels TIH 500 S and TIH 700 S

Infrared heating panel

The two new infrared heating panels TIH 500 S and TIH 700 S are our top recommendation for use when conventional heaters are simply at their limit, for rooms without heating that need warmth without expensive renovations or you want to provide some extra cosy warmth for your home in selected locations and at a low price.

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Warm and cosy – whenever you want!

Anyone who owns a holiday house, holiday apartment or cottage wants to spend their hours and days away from everyday life in peace and comfort. In the colder months of the year, this means the need for a reliable heating system to provide you with comfort and warmth whenever you are at your holiday home. As soon as you arrive, plug in your electric heating fan, start it up and in just a few minutes you can feel warm and cosy. This warm atmosphere is brought to you by the TDS series of electric fan heaters from Trotec. High-performance and top quality. You can count on it!

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That pure lapping sound


Do you love the sound of trickling water in your living room or office? Does the soft gurgling sound calm you and help you reduce stress? Brilliant! Then an indoor fountain is highly recommended for you. In order to ensure that your source of relaxation always remains functional and clean, you shouldn’t just use conventional mains water for the fountain. That’s because it contains lime. However, if you put a SecoSan-stick from Trotec into your indoor fountain, you will no longer have any problems with annoying limescale build-up or algae formation.

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NEW VSC3008 Industrial Videoscope. It’s finally here!


It’s not often that the wait has been worth it so much: effective immediately, the new professional top model among our industrial videoscopes can be delivered! This simultaneously light and compact system makes indirect visual examinations almost as easy as child’s play: its weight goes virtually unnoticed, its probe is bendable to all sides and its camera head allows for perfect panoramic views.

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