Extremely hazardous to health: high temperatures combined with high humidity – the BC25 thermohygrometer gives you warning in good time

Is it like a sauna outside with heat and high humidity? Then alarm bells should be ringing for sports lovers and older citizens. Anyone who exerts themselves physically under extreme outdoor conditions runs the risk of contracting veritable heat damage – from ‘simple’ sunburn to serious heat stroke. The BC25 thermohygrometer provides a tool against the physical stress caused by high temperatures in combination with high humidity. And sounds the alarm in time…

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BD21 Distance Meter – back in stock!

Professional handymen are just as well equipped with this BD21 laser distance meter indoors as on construction sites. The device measures distances, areas and volumes easily in a matter of seconds. Best of all: The BD21 ends inconvenient handling with yardsticks, pencils and spirit levels – and also scores points with its large display, now with even easier to read inverse white numbers.

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NEW DL200 data loggers – tamper-resistant measurement logging

The new DL200 data loggers, produced in Germany, from Trotec’s MultiMeasure professional series enable users from industry, trade and construction to carry out tamper-resistant long-term measurements. The measurement instruments allow experts and professionals to optimally monitor, log and document climate data and other measured values – for example, monitoring the climate of buildings, controlling climate-sensitive production processes and providing verification for inspection requirements.

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NEW BQ16 measuring device – detects formaldehyde and VOC concentrations

How contaminated are your own living rooms, the office and the workplace or public facilities, schools and kindergartens with formaldehyde (HCHO) and volatile organic compounds (VOC)? Contamination of room air with these most commonly occurring and simultaneously most dangerous groups of substances can neither be smelled nor tasted – but thanks to the new HCHO-TVOC measuring device BQ16 from Trotec can be precisely measured delightfully easily and at the same time with the greatest reliability.

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“Where does moisture come from?” – determining air temperature and air humidity

How does moisture actually emerge in the components of a house – and in doing so pave the way for mould infestations? The so-called ‘dew point’ provides an answer to this question. This is the temperature at which the air releases its contained water as condensate. Therefore, the precise measurement of air temperature and humidity as well as the exact determination of the dew point temperature are at the heart  of building diagnostics – as well as for the accompanying measuring devices: the professional thermohygrometers from Trotec.

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“Where does moisture come from?” – material moisture and surface temperature are what determine it

There are no outbreaks of mould without moisture. However, whoever wants to track it down like a professional renovator requires such a professional measuring device – something that can determine the material and surface moisture. Or can make notorious thermal bridges identifiable through the measurement of the surface temperature. In the second part of our series “Where does moisture come from?”, we introduce the professional measuring device that precisely determines moisture as well as its causes…

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The NEW Thermo-Hygrometer BC25 – warns you when the temperature “feels” too high


Are the outside climatic conditions perfect for sport activities, as well as for more mature people? Even when the hot days seem to be over – they will return in the future! When it is hot outside it is very important to prevent heat stress and to determine your own personal tolerance levels: This can be ensured with the Thermo-Hygrometer BC25 which is equipped with alarm functions for “heat index” and “perceived temperature”.

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BN30 socket thermostat – Finally available again for delivery!


Watch this space – it’s becoming now really cosy and particularly comfortable: Our BN30 socket thermostat is finally available again. Virtually everything to do with temperature regulation around the house will be extremely practical and very easy to adjust. The device enables you to control the temperature of heating and air-conditioning equipment in half-degree increments for temperatures between 5 °C to 30 °C. And the best part – the utilisation and programming are simply child’s play!

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NEW PH BW10 meter – finally available for delivery


The new BW10 measuring device is an essential tool for monitoring and maintaining correct pH levels – for example in swimming baths and public swimming pools, or in natural ponds. With this compact and handy measuring tool, the pH value of acidic to alkaline solutions can be precisely determined. Professional areas of application range from laboratory analyses and water examinations to quality controls in the food and drinks industry.

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Breathe healthily, please!


Anyone who braces themself against warm dry air in winter with a humidifier is a smart person. But mind out, things can get even smarter still. You can give the water in the tank of your humidifier a purity guarantee – with a SecoSan Stick from Trotec. The capsules work effectively to prevent residue, germs and bacteria. And they do this for months without needing to be replaced. This means you are breathing in not just pleasantly moist air, but also absolutely pure air. In addition the persistently clean water with no lime and no biological growth protects the high-quality technology in your device. SecoSan, pretty smart. For pure health and the value preservation of the humidifier. Read More