Trotec presents solutions for fire and rescue services at REAS 2022

From 07 to 09 October 2022 Trotec presents itself at the Italian trade fair REAS in Montichiari (Italy). REAS powered by INTERSCHUTZ is the most important trade fair for rescue, fire fighting, disaster relief and safety south of the Alps. As a renowned German solution provider for professional equipment, we will be presenting our innovative product highlights live at the trade fair stand. The innovative product range extends from privacy screens/work tents to mobile heaters/air conditioners, mobile dehumidifiers, mobile high-performance air purifiers, ozone disinfectors, measurement technology and work lights. Meet our experts in Hall 8, Booth E4 and let’s find answers and solutions together for current and future challenges.

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Work tent 250 K in the shape of a cube: with generous floor space and ceiling height for a wide range of on-site application – back in stock

Here comes the solution for protected and safe work on site – beyond unwanted side effects such as rain, wind and cold. With tent fabric made of high-quality polyester and a durable frame made of fiber glass – set up and taken down in seconds. With a tent in the shape of a cube, which, thanks to the generous floor space and sufficient ceiling height, enables you to work and stand comfortably inside it. In short, the work tent 250 K is finally back in stock.f And it was high time – as numerous customer inquiries show us!

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Trotec exhibits solutions for fire and rescue services at Congrès National des Sapeurs-Pompiers

From September 21 to 24, Trotec will present innovative equipment, personal protective equipment (PPE), tools, measuring devices, visual barriers and tents for fire departments and rescue services at the French Fire Brigade Congress in Nancy. Meet our experts in Hall A, Booth E25 and let’s find answers and solutions together for current and future challenges.

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Coronavirus: Temporary hospitals help resolve with bed shortages and TAC air purifiers help clean contaminated air

Be prepared for the worst – and hope for the best: Many towns and districts are facing the corona crisis in the spirit of this motto. The most recent example for this prudent treatment is the Verden district in Northern Germany. Before the end of March, the district crisis management team began, in coordination with the Aller-Weser Clinic (AWK), to prepare for a possible further increase in cases. Consequently, within a few days, the district council set up a temporary hospital in a container village in its car park.

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Privacy screen in emergencies

Privacy screen

Some recent tragic incidents have repeatedly brought this to our attention: Whenever there is a larger number of victims in an accident or an evacuation operation, emergency service workers are forced to show their skills at improvisation. Because it is important to provide a secure area in which the patients can have their own private space.

If the conditions under which the patients are treated are not adequate, the Vario-Screen privacy screens from Trotec can be of great assistance. That’s because they are quick to set up and can be used flexibly.

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Great work tents at bargain prices


Are you in need of an assembly work tent? One which is robust but lightfast, totally waterproof and yet simple and quick to erect? Does it have to keep the cold out, and give workers reliable protection? If so, you are one hundred percent correct in choosing Trotec. For Trotec’s high-quality work tents meet all these criteria.

And this is also a great opportunity for bargain hunters! Trotec’s online shop has a large number of demo models of various sizes and designs which you can snap up at bargain prices. They have only been unpacked and erected once. Top quality at low prices, with a one year guarantee on top!

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Trotec railway construction tests defy wind, rain and fire.

Work Tents

Repair works on tracks, replacing sleepers, costly welding work: work on railways is strenuous, especially as workers are exposed to weather conditions. They work in the rain, wind and strong sunlight. Of course, in spite of this the works carried out must be exact. Provide your employees in railway construction with reliable working conditions – with a robust railway construction tent that can be assembled quickly, from Trotec.

This will protect your employees on site, meaning you also benefit from the quality of their work. The quick construction tents from Trotec transform themselves with the special equipment “R” for “Rail” into a heat-resistant and weatherproof workplace in an instant. Fast and reliable!

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Protection for everyone involved

Safety Screens

Lengthy traffic jams can occur when drivers pass an accident and slow down to look at the scenery. A driver can easily lose sight of  the end of the jam, and another accident is on the cards. But rubbernecking is not just a major hazard for oncoming traffic. Oftentimes emergency services are held up by the curiosity of drivers and passers-by.

In the worst case, a delay in getting aid to accident victims can have fatal consequences. Protect the injured and give helpers the shielded space that they need for their vital work. Use Trotec’s mobile VarioScreen.

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French State Railway Company works with tents from Trotec


During track work safety is extremely important. Often welding work has to be done where temperatures up to 2,400 °C can arise. The Société nationale des chemins de fer français, the French State Railway Company ordered work tents from Trotec for the first time – and invests in the safety of the employees.

Rail passengers want to get from A to B relaxed; not only in this country but in France as well. Thus, the State Railway Company SNCF always tries to avoid delays and cancellations. Among other things regular maintenance work and repairs on the rails are necessary for which certain safety regulations have to be met. Read More