Preserving quality and aroma

DH Series

Raw tobacco, and in particular delicate oriental tobacco, is a sensitive and often very valuable commodity. Protecting it during transportation, and above all during storage, is therefore a top priority. The dried and fermented leaves must never be exposed to elevated air humidity levels, otherwise there is a risk of mould and mould stains. If the ambient air in the warehouse is too dry, the leaves will dry out and quickly loose their aroma. Give this delicate commodity the climate it needs to develop the best quality. The industrial dehumidifiers from Trotec’s DH series make it possible.

Preserving quality and aroma

They are grown and harvested all over the world, above all in vast areas of South America, Asia and Africa, but also in European countries such as Spain, Turkey, Georgia and even Azerbaijan. They are annual plants with up to 30 large leaves, which are primarily valued for the substances they contain. We are talking about tobacco plants, which are packaged as raw tobacco and made into fine cigars, cigarettes, pipe tobacco, snuff and chewing tobacco, depending on the quality. Alongside the type, the fermentation process is also decisive for the quality of the finished product. This is because it removes unwanted substances and allows the aroma to develop.

It all comes down to climate

Great importance should therefore be placed on the storage of the delicate goods. The greatest risk for the raw tobacco is posed by unfavourable climatic conditions. In other words: the wrong air humidity levels. The best storage conditions are: cool, dry and well ventilated. If the relative air humidity in the warehouse too high, the tobacco will absorb water vapour and become a breeding ground for mould spores. Musty odours, mould stains and mould lower the quality of the tobacco enormously; and with sensitive tobacco, this can develop within a matter of days. Air that is too dry, however, is also damaging. The ambient air draws moisture out of the tobacco, making it turn brittle and lose its aroma. The result: a bitter, grassy taste, which means a poor to inferior quality.

Instinct during storage

In the storage of tobacco, instinct and technology should always be used. As a professional, you have the instinctive feeling. Trotec will provide the technical know-how, because with the industrial dehumidifiers from the DH series, the perfect climate for your goods is guaranteed. “A powerful dehumidifier, and a tough performer” is the motto here. This is because the professional dehumidifiers do the best job in stationary, continuous use. The models of the DH series work following the condensation principle and thus guarantee a particularly high dehumidification performance, on top of that, they are extremely economical. The DH industrial dehumidifiers are installed in just a few steps and can be optimally scaled to fit all environmental requirements.

The DH 75 AX industrial condensation dehumidifier is a good example for reliable application – a robust and high-performing dehumidifier with a stove enamelled aluminium casing. It’s a true professional for fully automatic, hygrostat-controlled continuous dehumidification. With its professional hot air defrosting system it can even be used in unheated warehouses and will work there reliably to provide the climate you require.

A few advantages of the Trotec DH series dehumidifiers

  • Closed drying systems
  • Extremely high dehumidification performance
  • Reliable continuous operation even in tough conditions
  • Fully automatic, low-maintenance operation

Do you need help in assessing your dehumidification needs? No problem! The staff from the Trotec Industry Service will help. They will analyse your equipment needs and draw up a detailed calculation on site. A perfect solution for maximum enjoyment.

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