NEW PRDS 05-230V Hammer and chisel drill – with the three powerful tool functions: drill, hammer drill and chisel!

Uncompromising brand quality combined with high impact power, infinitely variable impact frequency and speed – this is how the new PRDS 05-230V hammer and chisel drill from Trotec enables you to make easy progress when renovating, installing, constructing and chiselling. With up to 6,400 hammer blows per minute and an impact force of 2.1 joules, the pneumatic hammer mechanism allows you to penetrate even the hardest materials effortlessly – whether concrete and masonry, metal or wood. Best of all: it includes a comprehensive accessory set!

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NEW Cordless hammer drill PRDS 20 20V – infinitely variable drilling, screwing and hammer drills with FlexPower Multi battery 20V 4.0 Ah

The PRDS 20‑20V cordless hammer drill, weighing only 3 kilos, stands for mobile power with banging results. The power pack with its 20 V 4 Ah lithium-ion battery of the Flexpower multi-battery series allows for cordless freedom of use when drilling, hammer drilling and screwdriving. The pros know best: The softer the material, the higher the speed required. For this reason, the infinitely variable speed and impact control of the cordless hammer drill allows the impact and speed frequency to be optimally adapted to the hardness of the material to be processed.

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Coronavirus floats in the air How to reduce the risk of infection in your fitness studio- thanks to professional air humidification

Did the members of your fitness studio have to queue up for the reopening? That’s a testament to you – and the confidence of the members in your hygiene measures. As the responsible operator, however, you should keep an eye on the particular risk posed by the corona virus, which has been confirmed by recent studies: In addition to the known droplet infection, another particularly high risk of infection lurks in your fitness studio – the so-called ‘aerosol’. Professor Dr. Roland Netz from the Institute for Theoretical Physics at the University of Berlin has found an explanation for this phenomenon – and also for the solution …

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Coronavirus “floats” in the air: How you can reduce the risk of infection in the office thanks to professional humidification

Restrictions are loosening. Offices are also getting fuller with workers returning after working from home. However, if you rely solely on distancing regulations and masks to contain the corona virus, there is a high risk of infection. It is especially in closed office rooms with low humidity that the risk of infection lurks in the form of so-called aerosol particles, i.e. tiny exhaled infectious floating particles. This is why physicist Roland Netz from the Berlin Freie Universität recommends professional humidification. This means the droplets cannot shrink so quickly and tend to sink to the ground as heavier droplets.

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PAE 11 air cooler: all-year-round 3-in-1 solution with air cooler, fan and humidifier – finally available!

Well, that was close! To carry on even a few days longer without the new PAE 11 air cooler would have been tough for some of you. But now the sleekly designed 3-in-1 evaporation air cooler is ready for delivery – and for pick-up. A glance at the thermometer confirms: Just in time! The air cooler will soon refresh you with a cool breeze or help you humidify air that is too dry at the touch of a button. Only one requirement: You of course have to reserve a device in time- “Order, ORDER, please!”

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Coronavirus floats in the air: Why restaurants should ensure sufficient air humidity

Restaurants reopening is now on the agenda. And that’s because this is exactly where a renewed risk of infection lurks, in the form of so-called aerosol particles, i.e. the smallest infectious airborne particles, explains physicist Roland Netz from the Freie Universität Berlin, advising professional humidification. This way, droplets are not able to shrink so quickly and heavier droplets tend to sink to the floor. And he also rightly says: “Also the mucous membranes will otherwise dry out and become more susceptible to viruses.” Even the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA Bundesverband) recommends the use of humidifiers in this context.

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TVE 16 / TVE 18 S Pedestal fans: ban the sweltering heat from your ice cold house – available again from tomorrow

If you are not allowed to be outside for longer than absolutely necessary, it should at least be nice and cool inside. This is no problem for the identical TVE 16 / TVE 18 S pedestal fans: they banish heat from your home and come in either an elegant white or attractive black design. The two pedestal fans are now finally back in stock. Ready to go with a flick of the wrist and flexible to use, you can enjoy a natural cooling breeze on your skin at a moment’s notice.

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TTK 28 E Comfort dehumidifier: The top dryer for small rooms is back – and finally available again!

The TTK 28 E dehumidifier is back and finally available again and is taking back the top spot when it comes to dryers especially designed for small, heated rooms. As it’s so small, it fits anywhere. It’s so light that it can be used flexibly anywhere. It’s so well equipped that it can fulfil every requirement. Thanks to its compact dimensions, this dehumidifier finds a place for itself to carry out its drying work in even the smallest of rooms.

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The NEW industrial dehumidifier TTK 172 ECO – finally available!


Many companies from the construction and renovation sector have already ordered the new TTK 172 ECO construction drier – and in doing so are making the now available dehumidifier one of our best sellers. It’s no wonder that they have been flying off the shelves since the launch: after all, we have done a few things to it and equipped it with a robust steel construction as well as concrete inner values.

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Good advice for “optimum financial appreciation”


Anyone who invests in a modern classic car now can already look forward to a favourable bonus in a few years. Not just because an investment in valuable objects is particularly beneficial with today´s interest rates. The feel good factor also increases when you invest your capital in a modern classic car. Stylish, elegant and sporty: This is how your provision for old age is looking. But be careful: The body work must be correctly protected and maintained. This is the only way to ensure that your “chrome baby” can considerably increase in value in the future. Trotec is the perfect partner to support the asset value for your vehicle. Trotec provides you with the latest state of the art technology for a perfect garage climate. The effective DH-VPR+ Generation with the innovative ThinC!-Climatic Management System works constantly against corrosion, rust, dust and annoying odours and exhaust gas. Read More