The NEW industrial dehumidifier TTK 172 ECO – finally available!


Many companies from the construction and renovation sector have already ordered the new TTK 172 ECO construction drier – and in doing so are making the now available dehumidifier one of our best sellers. It’s no wonder that they have been flying off the shelves since the launch: after all, we have done a few things to it and equipped it with a robust steel construction as well as concrete inner values.

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Good advice for “optimum financial appreciation”


Anyone who invests in a modern classic car now can already look forward to a favourable bonus in a few years. Not just because an investment in valuable objects is particularly beneficial with today´s interest rates. The feel good factor also increases when you invest your capital in a modern classic car. Stylish, elegant and sporty: This is how your provision for old age is looking. But be careful: The body work must be correctly protected and maintained. This is the only way to ensure that your “chrome baby” can considerably increase in value in the future. Trotec is the perfect partner to support the asset value for your vehicle. Trotec provides you with the latest state of the art technology for a perfect garage climate. The effective DH-VPR+ Generation with the innovative ThinC!-Climatic Management System works constantly against corrosion, rust, dust and annoying odours and exhaust gas. Read More

TTK 72 E comfort dehumidifier – finally back in stock!


If you have large residential or office spaces which need to be kept reliably dry, then you should take the time to have a closer look at our TTK 72 E dehumidifier – one of the best comfort solutions we have ever provided. The device’s feature-profile includes not only impressive capacity reserves for dehumidification but also the superior standards from the Home Comfort Series. The best feature: the integrated LED lights signal the current humidity status in the room.

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The NEWTCH 2000 E convector – stylish heating unitfor clean warmth

tro_blog_tch_2000_e_banner_enOur new heater is highly elegant and eye-catching. It not only looks great but is also highly practical for heating purposes. The stylish TCH 2000 E convection heateris the ideal heating solution if you are looking for quick, easy and clean heating in your rooms, and is at the same time aesthetically appealing.

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TCH 20 E and 22 E Convectors – they’re finally back!


No need to freeze any more – at least not in your own home: There are elegant solutions precisely for this from Trotec, like our TCH 20 E and TCH 22 E convection heaters, for example, which are finally available again. These small electric heaters are an optimal heating solution and simply ideal as a temporary or supplementary heater. This is because both devices guarantee quick, cosy warmth, are blissfully convenient to operate and purchasing them is super affordable.

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TDS 10 Electric-powered fan – finally back in stock and available for delivery!


Robust technology packaged in a budget-optimised solution – the benefits which impress with the TDS 10 Electric-powered fan. As the heater neither consumes oxygen, when compared to directly fired gas or oil heating devices, nor generates combustion exhaust gas, it is therefore ideal for temperature control for unheated internal rooms and spaces like on-site trailers, site huts and workshops or smaller cellars and storage rooms. It is therefore about time that this little “firebrand” is once again available and ready for immediate delivery.

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TTK 71 E dehumidifier – finally back in stock

TTK 71 E Dehumidifier

Sold out. Back in stock. Sold out again. And finally back again! The TTK 71 E dehumidifier impresses our customers time and time again thanks to its
attractive design and outstanding technical equipment. It’s no wonder, the elegant eye-catcher fits easily and harmoniously into any corner of your home or place of work. And because it does all that at an unbeatable price, we are welcoming the TTK 71 E back with open arms. Read More

MCE 2016 in Milan – Trotec is flying a flag at the HVAC trade fair


It’s that time again: every two years the Mostra Convegno Expocomfort (MCE), the international exhibition for heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology, takes place in Milan. Around 2,000 exhibitors from 59 countries show their solutions at this highlight of the sector. Trotec is also presenting some of its innovations: from Qube, through the industrial VSC series videoscopes to humidifiers from the Value Protection Range – and that is by no means all! Read More

Breathe easy in a modern home


Save energy and care for the environment: Home builders are setting a new trend with the construction of low-energy house and ultra-efficient passive houses. However, this clever and well-grounded concept, which uses highly efficient heat insulation and special integrated ventilation, presents a new risk: Extremely low humidity values are often prevalent in passive houses. In such cases, it is necessary to protect the inhabitants and the interior of such houses with additional technology. The Trotec Group has various humidifiers and airwashers on offer which solve the problems caused by excessively low humidity at the touch of a button. You just plug in, switch on, breathe deeply and feel great. With Trotec in your modern, energy-efficient house you can really live in comfort!

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The NEW TTK 65 E dehumidifier – pleasantly discreet


What is so appealing about our new dehumidifier? First, its inconspicuousness thanks to its timeless design. Secondly, it has been fully equipped with all the usual functions of a comfort dehumidifier from our tried and tested TTK series. And thirdly, we are offering a cost saving of over 45 % – since if you order right away, you will benefit from our maintenance discount pending delivery in calendar week 50 and save another 10 euros!

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