Best before – no limits

Best before

On bottles of mineral water and tetrapack cartons there is always a best-before date. This is required by law because they contain a consumable product. It sounds a bit paradoxical.

After all, natural mineral waters come from subterranean sources which are protected from impurities.  That’s why experts also assure us that water in its pure form can be kept almost without any time limitation. A SecoSan Stick from Trotec will ensure permanent purity along with additional freshness and crispness when you add it to your water.

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Electrical Renovation – the Extended Trotec Series 4/4

Renovation Part 4

When a new building is constructed, you can install any number of plug sockets – later there is guaranteed to be one missing exactly where you need it. Even though work with electricity can be dangerous, you do not necessarily need to call an electrician straight away to install and connect additional plug sockets. In the last part of our renovation series, we’ll show you how easy it is…

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Proper ventilation – 11 tips against mould formation in the home

Proper ventilation

Customers and readers are asking us more and more questions on the topic of ‘ventilation’ in houses and flats. Many people rightly fear that too much moist air remains in their rooms due to incorrect ventilation – and the mould fungus thereby finds a place to settle. This can cause your health to suffer: Mould fungi form cancer-inducing toxins and can trigger allergies. So here are 11 tips for ventilating properly – for zero tolerance to mould!

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Professional 4 Piece Set for Electricians. And those aspiring to be.

Professional Set Electricity

Whether you’re an experienced electrician – or whether you’re undergoing training to be one – there are two things which you know you cannot afford to compromise on. One is safety and the other one is good tools.

That’s why we at Trotec have put together a Professional 4 piece set designed to provide you with a selection of high quality yet low price easy-to-use state-of-the-art tools that have been manufactured so that they – and you – can comfortably cope with the demands that everyday use puts on both you and them and which you as someone for whom safety always comes first can safely rely on to provide you with quick and accurate measurement results time after time after time.

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BD15 laser distance meter – What you see is what you get!

Trotec Laser distance Meter high qualityWhat kind of a buyer are you?

Are you the impulsive or trusting buyer, the buyer who is more likely to accept what he or she sees at face value and who – to a certain extent at least – is prepared to believe the promises and accept the hype surrounding a particular product?

Or do you see yourself more as the cautious and critical buyer, the buyer who likes to find out more about the product they wish to buy – even if this means sacrificing a considerable amount of time and energy – to ensure that they are not only getting the best possible value for their money but also that what they are being sold is all that it is cracked up to be?

If you see yourself as a member of the latter category, then the chances are that before you place your trust in a certain product – and therefore inevitably in a certain company – you will spend a fair amount of time either thumbing through various consumer magazines, visiting various consumer websites, watching various test videos or reading various customer reviews – or even all four!

Take the BD15 laser distance meter from Trotec, for example. It certainly looks like a professional product. And if you read the accompanying jargon, it also appears to have a long list of professional features to match:

The BD15 is a sophisticated yet easy-to-use measuring device designed to enable you to carry out quick, accurate and stress-free indoor measurements up to a distance of 50 m. Not only does the BD15 sit neatly in your hand – and fit snugly into your pocket – it is also equipped with an array of useful functions and valuable features including a Pythagoras function that enables you to carry out precise and reliable indirect measurements and a calculator that allows you to add, subtract and carry out area and volume calculations without having to fumble for a pocket calculator or pen and paper first. In addition, the robust, ergonomically-formed handheld meter with soft-grip housing is both dust and splashproof and therefore excellently suited for the demands which everyday use puts on it.

Sounds good. Actually, it sounds excellent! But why take our word for it? Why not take the word of a leading German D-I-Y magazine which tested the BD15 and see what they have to say?

“The BD15 laser distance meter from Trotec provides the user with almost all the measuring possibilities which meters in this class have to offer at a very low price. The belt bag and hand strap ensure that it is always ready at hand.”

Indeed the D-I-Y watchdog magazine was so convinced by the BD15’s accuracy, handling and features that it decided to award it top marks in all three categories – as well as the highest possible score with regard to value for money – before classifying it as a top class product!

Well, you can’t say any fairer than that, can you?!

Oh, and by the way… if we have succeeded in convincing you that you will be hard pushed to find a better buy than the BD15, one of the many multi-measuring devices, machines, infrared cameras and appliances which all make up the extensive product portfolio from Trotec, then you might like to know that you can now also buy the brand new BD10, a laser distance meter which ticks most of the boxes its big brother does and which has a range of 30 instead of 50 m.

Go to the Trotec24 online shop to order your laser distance meter now.

Trotec. Probably more than you had bargained for.

The unique AirLock 100 window seal. From the professionals in air conditioning.

AirLock 100 window seal for our portable air conditionersThere are a number of truly great ideas or inventions which, because they are so monumentous, have succeeded in forever changing our lives.

Take sliced bread for example. It must rank high on many people’s scales or why else would they refer to it as one of the most important milestones in history when heaping praise on a particularly brilliant idea or describing the importance and ingenuity of an invention they think exceptionally highly of (“…the greatest thing since sliced bread!”)?

Well, there may come a time – who knows – when this popular expression will have to make way for an equally ingenious and no less society-changing phenomenon than the one that in its day was heralded as “the greatest forward step in the baking industry”, and which, from one day to the next, transformed our attitudes and the way we think towards what was hitherto considered to be the common, or uncut, loaf. The talk is of the AirLock 100.

The AirLock 100 – quite simply called the AirLock by its growing number of ardent followers and faithful fans – is at first sight often mistaken for a simple window seal system. Which it is. But there the secret lies. In its simplicity.  And its ingenuity.   Read More

Be Prepared. With Our Super Cool Air Conditioning Carefree Package

It’s summer! Well, if the calendar is to be believed it is. But with this July on course to being one of the wettest Julys in over a century and with some parts of the country experiencing what would normally be the equivalent of a month’s worth of rainfall in only 24 hours, you could be forgiven for having difficulty warming to the idea that it really is. This time it was the north of England which was most badly hit as residents in Cumbria, Yorkshire and Lancashire had to be airlifted from their homes, cars or caravans or rescued from freak floods which had transformed serene, meandering rivers into raging, terrifying torrents leaving many citizens badly shaken and some properties submerged under as much as six feet of water. Read More

Save money on heating by finding the right humidity levels

Comfort diagram

When it comes to saving energy and heating costs, people can become really creative. Some of them only heat those rooms which they use most. Others get one of those fancy dog draught excluders, or they close all shutters to improve the insulation of their windows. And because for every degree you turn down your heating you save a good 6 % off your next energy bill, they wear a second sweater or a third pair of socks. That is certainly one way of dealing with the problem…

But what most people tend to forget: The apparent air temperature strongly depends on the humidity levels in the room you are in!

This phenomenon can easily be illustrated when you think of the summer holidays. Have you ever been to the tropics? Exactly – the high humidity levels in such areas make the heat almost unbearable. However, when you are in the desert, temperatures seem far more moderate, although they are usually a lot higher.

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And what can we do for you today?

restoring an antique wardrobe

In many parts of Germany, Trotec is already a household name. The brand name Trotec stands for premium quality products and superior service – at a price that everyone can afford. And because the name Trotec has become synonymous with indoor climate control and metrological solutions it hardly comes as a surprise that we are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of a whole range of state-of-the art dehumidifiers, humidifiers, oil and electric heaters, infrared cameras and measuring and monitoring devices in Europe.

What does surprise some of our customers, however, is the sheer variety of applications which our machines, appliances and monitoring meters and measuring devices are suitable for and how often they are used in the course of a normal day … Read More

Mould in the tack room

Mould in the tack roomWhich thoughts cross your mind when you think about horse riding? In my mind I see little girls who dream about winning ribbons in equestrian tournaments, or I picture Europe’s royalty wearing ridiculously huge hats and feverishly watching the world-famous horse race at Ascot, or I even think of the lonesome cowboy from a renowned cigarette commercial galloping through the American prairie… Despite – or probably because of all these clichés about it, the popularity of horse riding as a hobby doesn’t seem to wear off… But one thing is sure: horse riding is, without doubt, quite a time-consuming and costly hobby.

One of the most important pieces of equipment a rider needs is a saddle. But don’t let yourself be fooled… Finding the right saddle for your horse and your specific discipline seems like an almost impossible task to me. After an extensive research on the internet, it becomes obvious that you can easily spend a small fortune on a saddle made from the finest leather and decorated with fancy silver clasps and ornaments which are typical for a western style saddle for example.

But these valuable saddles are often stored in draughty, unheated and easily accessible tack rooms where not only thieves have a walk-over but also moisture and mould. Musty smells and mould spots are a sure sign for too much humidity in the ambient air. All the metal pieces of a saddle can start to rust with a relative humidity of only 60 %, and when the relative humidity tops 70 %, mould begins to form on your saddle. Yet when the relative humidity is too low, the leather of your saddle can become brittle and chapped.
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