NEW TTK 60 E comfort dehumidifier: reliably keeps living rooms and offices dry in otherwise muggy, humid air – now finally available

In summer, when the muggy, humid air tries to penetrate living and office spaces, the TTK 60 E dehumidifier comes into its own. Equipped with automatic hygrostat control and powerful performance, with a high level of user comfort and elegant design, it stands up to the stuffy humid air and its cronies; the nasty little mould patches. It keeps your living and office rooms reliably dry. Isn’t it a good thing that this strong, good-looking and extremely affordable partner is available for you right away?

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Comfort dehumidifier TTK 53 E: best performance in best dehumidification combined with functional design – now finally available again!

To combat the muggy, humid summer air , we recommend the timely use of a dehumidifier – such as the TTK 53 E, now finally available again. It ensures that harmful mould, which is the result of this high humidity, cannot settle in your home while also ensuring optimum humidity all year round. To this end, it is equipped with all the functions that characterise a modern comfort dehumidifier – and also with an extra function: coloured LED lighting, which indicates at first glance whether everything is in the green range in terms of room humidity.

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TTK 28 E Comfort dehumidifier: The top dryer for small rooms is back – and finally available again!

The TTK 28 E dehumidifier is back and finally available again and is taking back the top spot when it comes to dryers especially designed for small, heated rooms. As it’s so small, it fits anywhere. It’s so light that it can be used flexibly anywhere. It’s so well equipped that it can fulfil every requirement. Thanks to its compact dimensions, this dehumidifier finds a place for itself to carry out its drying work in even the smallest of rooms.

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NEW TTR Cargo – versatile trailer-mounted dryer for applications on-site

Those planning larger drying tasks for new constructions and renovation applications, or searching for temporary breakdown cover for high-capacity stationary units, will have come up against limits to capacity repeatedly up to now. But in combination with our high-performance TTR 5200, 6600 and 8200 dehumidifiers, the new TTR Cargo trailer-mounted dryer now enables on-site, high-performance solutions: TTR Cargo is the plug-in all-weather trailer for mobile drying applications with high capacity specifications.

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“Where is the damp coming from?” – heating and ventilating correctly

Heating and ventilating incorrectly impairs the indoor climate and leads to heating bills mounting up. And that is by no means everything: When air and surface moisture is too high and room temperatures are too low, the risk of mould formation increases. Therefore, tips for correctly heating and ventilating your home have been compiled in the last part of our series – including our recommendations for professional comfort dehumidifiers in the TTK series from Trotec.

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TTK 75 ECO dehumidifier – finally back in stock!

With hot gas defrosting and an operating hours counter, the TTK 75 ECO is specially designed for typical dehumidification applications for trade and industry. As the compact and equally robust device is a suitable solution for the need for a construction drier that’s as good as it is cost effective, it was more or less predestined to be sold out very quickly. Now, the dehumidifier is finally available for delivery again as a particularly economic solution for commercial use.

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NEW TTK 30 E comfort dehumidifier – back in stock!

”They sold like hotcakes!” This saying has seldom hit the nail on the head as much as for our new TTK 30 E dehumidifier. Because the highlight of the device – three colour LED lights that display the current humidity in the room – increased the demand dramatically in toward “sold out!” But now all are rewarded who trusted in the Trotec delivery competence according to the motto “wait and see”: the brilliant comfort dehumidifier can now be obtained once again.

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The NEW industrial dehumidifier TTK 172 ECO – finally available!


Many companies from the construction and renovation sector have already ordered the new TTK 172 ECO construction drier – and in doing so are making the now available dehumidifier one of our best sellers. It’s no wonder that they have been flying off the shelves since the launch: after all, we have done a few things to it and equipped it with a robust steel construction as well as concrete inner values.

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Good advice for “optimum financial appreciation”


Anyone who invests in a modern classic car now can already look forward to a favourable bonus in a few years. Not just because an investment in valuable objects is particularly beneficial with today´s interest rates. The feel good factor also increases when you invest your capital in a modern classic car. Stylish, elegant and sporty: This is how your provision for old age is looking. But be careful: The body work must be correctly protected and maintained. This is the only way to ensure that your “chrome baby” can considerably increase in value in the future. Trotec is the perfect partner to support the asset value for your vehicle. Trotec provides you with the latest state of the art technology for a perfect garage climate. The effective DH-VPR+ Generation with the innovative ThinC!-Climatic Management System works constantly against corrosion, rust, dust and annoying odours and exhaust gas. Read More

A skiing getaway without the stench – eliminating odours in the ski store


Ahhh… Fresh mountain air. Eugh! Unhealthy, smelly air in the ski equipment store and changing area. Managers of skiing and hiking cabins or ski rental shops are familiar with the problem: Damp footwear, sweaty sports clothing and slush carried in on people’s boots create unpleasant odours while warm and humid conditions produce bacteria and mould. This is where our specialised products come into their own – and ensure a pleasant and comfortable climate even in the ski store.

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