TTK 122 E dehumidifier: just as powerful as it looks – and finally available again

Its high dehumidification rate, sturdy housing made from stainless steel, high-quality hot air defrosting system – these are the outstanding practical advantages that make the handy TTK 122 E dehumidifier highly sought after among specialist drying equipment in the renovation sector. Add to this the automatic hygrostat-controlled system, the SuperDry function and the unbeatable Trotec price – and you know why the dehumidifier sold out. And why it’s finally available again …

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NEW Dehumidifier TTK128 E – top dehumidifier at top conditions

TTK 128 E Dehumidifier

Isn’t that paradoxical? Our new top of the line TTK 128 E ensures exemplary dryness even in your very large residential and office spaces. At the same time, our Deal offer ensures that your budget stays exceptionally liquid. And that’s not a contradiction in terms, but the finest Trotec technology in visually flawless guise at the best possible conditions!

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Biological and valuable


When producing wood pellets, it is essential that the equipment and the storage containers are clean and dry. Because this is the only way the biological fuel is protected against damaging moisture form the outset. Guarantee your customers the best quality by using the high-performance TTR series adsorption dehumidifiers from Trotec. When working to protect your goods, these machines are durable, low-maintenance and flexible to configure. Professional technology for professional quality – from Trotec of course!

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Exceptional service


To ensure there isn’t too much of a wait before someone can move into a house or flat after it has undergone a full renovation, and to keep the new tenants or owners happy, many estate agents now rely on the use of additional technology. The high-quality and effective dehumidifiers from Trotec accelerate the drying process of building materials. And following extensive renovation, rooms will be ready for their new occupants much sooner thanks to quick drying times for glues, paints and varnishes. Offer your customers this added convenience and spare yourself the long wait. A truly exceptional service!
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Hot summer air means damps basements

Hot summer

It sounds like a contradiction but it’s true: Unfortunately, anyone who opens up the door or windows to their basement in the hope of properly airing it out and drying it often achieves exactly the opposite. The walls really start to perspire. The explanation for this phenomenon is simple and brings up the clever word of “summer condensation”.

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NEW! DH 25 S industry dehumidifier – on offer for real professionals!

DH 25 S Industrial Dehumidifier

The new high-performance DH 25 S industry dehumidifier is proof that no compromises need be made for a budget-friendly, international standard solution. However, some of the costs can be erased thanks to the excellent price-performance ratio. And with our great DEAL you will even save once again while waiting. Well, is that or is that not an offer for professionals?

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NEW! External condensate pump for dehumidifiers

Condensate Pump extern

A condensate pump is used with a dehumidifier to transport away condensed water so that it can be pumped into a drain, for example. This saves you from having to repeatedly empty the water container. With the new condensate pump, Trotec fills the gap for the dehumidifiers from the TTK range which previously didn’t have such equipment. And best of all: the new external pump can be used with virtually any dehumidifier, regardless of the manufacturer.

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Always ready for dispatch

Dehumidifier DH 60 AX

The time after one operation is the time before the next. Nowhere is this more true more than for the fire brigade and civil relief agencies. After extinguishing fires and mounting rescue operations, protective clothing, equipment and devices have to be stored cleanly and safely. In doing so, these items have to be kept reliably dry. This is because moist material doesn’t just pose a health threat for emergency services.

These materials suffer particularly badly under moist conditions and, in the worst of cases, can be rendered unusable. This is where the high-performance DH series condensation dehumidifiers from Trotec come in. Fast and completely reliable so that you can carry out your next operation safely and without any issues.

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The TTK 75 E dehumidifier – finally back in stock!

TTK 75 E Dehumidifier

It has been out of stock for a long, long time, but now it’s back – the  TTK 75 E dehumidifier. And it is as popular as ever, with its compactness, impressive performance, ease of use and quietness. The unit still runs discreetly in the background and remains unbeatable value. We say, “Welcome back on board, TTK 75 E!”

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NEW TTK 171 ECO dehumidifier is available now – still on offer until Wednesday

TTK 171 ECO Dehumidifier

Two more good pieces of news for professionals and bargain hunters of the new commercial TTK 171 ECO dehumidifier. The first good new piece of news: it’s finally here – delivery available from today! And the second: we’re extending the offer – until the end of Wednesday you can order the unit! Now quickly to the facts and then… well, you know!

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