Always ready for action


Tanks, ammunition, helicopters, uniforms and a number of defence technology equipment must always be at hand and at the ready for the Bundeswehr. Only then will the troops be fully equipped for exercises and, of course, for deployment. But this equipment needs to be maintained. And this only works with optimum storage. The powerful DH series dehumidifiers by Trotec are ideally suited to avoid moisture related damage. For protection during continuous operation!

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Condensation at embarkation? No thanks!

DH series TTR series

As long as your chilled and frozen products are still in storage, everything is fine. The temperature is set and the goods are kept in a stable climate. But when it comes to transport, things get tricky. How can the prescribed temperature of the products be best maintained to ensure they are not damaged by condensation? Ultimately, this concerns large quantities that must first be loaded and stored in the transporters. A sophisticated climate conditioning system is a must to ensure the cold chain is not broken. To this end, Trotec offers various solutions to provide the appropriate dehumidification. A perfect example would be the closed drying systems from the DH range.

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