“Eerste Hulp Bij Ongelukken“ relies on Trotec work tents

Carnival means party time and not only in Germany, the revellers parade through the streets and spread fun and cheerfulness. Like us, our Dutch neighbours also like to party and put themselves into fancy dresses.
But where many people and a great atmosphere are there can also always be scrimmages and accidents. Because of that, the Dutch Red Cross (Eerste Hulp Bij Ongelukken or short EHBO) has prepared for serious cases with tents from Trotec. Read More

New “members” in the Trotec data logger family


There are three new “members” in the Trotec data logger family to give industrial, craft and construction users a wide range of applications for tamper-proof measuring.
The devices from the MultiMeasure Professional series convince due to the new and user friendly software for configuring and managing measured data. And the big display allows you to read the measuring results even from a few metres distance. Read More

Work tents from Trotec. As individual as the application you need them for.

individual work tents

Work tents come in all shapes and sizes. That’s because they are designed to cater for a wide range of different demands and a variety of different needs.

Not only are work tents used to shelter and protect workmen – and women – technicians, electricians, welders, plumbers and people from countless other professions from relentless rain, sleet showers, snow squalls, the scorching sun and anything else that nature can throw at them while they are carrying out inspections or maintenance work on switch and control cabinets or toiling in holes and trenches, they are also hugely popular on film sets and in television as well as in many sectors of industry too.

That’s why instead of just offering a fine range of robust, standard-sized, standard-type models which are ideal for certain customer segments but far from ideal for you, the individual, who would need to adapt around them to suit your own very specific requirements, we are also able to provide a sheer endless selection of bespoke solutions that encompass an array of different functions and features designed to cater for each of your individual needs.

When you order a work tent from Trotec, you are free to choose from any one of the following features. Or a combination of any of the elements if that’s what’s best, for the task at hand. Read More

Commercial dehumidifiers in the TTK Series. Professionals for Professionals.

Commercial dehumidifier TTK 170 S
If you are a homeowner – regardless whether you are the owner-occupier or the landlord – one of the worst things that can happen to you apart from being hit by floods and high water, the fate that faced whole regions up and down the country after the recent truly terrifying torrential downpours during which up to a month’s worth of rain fell in the short space of only 24 hours – is to be hit by water damage.

The reasons for water damage can be manifold: a burst or leaking water pipe or connection, a broken dishwasher or washing machine, blocked plumbing, a defect or leaking roof or shoddy workmanship and poor materials.

But whatever the cause, one thing is sure: You need to take action. And you need to take it fast! Read More

Building thermography: Let the season begin!

Thermography: infrared camera bargains

Daylight saving time is over again and the clocks have been turned back that precious hour. Which means two things: Only 41 days to go to Christmas! (Surely there’s no harm in being reminded, is there? After all you can’t have forgotten last year’s madcap, last-minute Christmas shopping spree!) And that now the days are growing shorter it won’t be long before temperatures drop sharply and the cold sets in. During the autumn and winter months the difference between the outside temperature and the temperature inside homes, houses and buildings up and down the country is far greater than at any other time of the year. Which is why this is the ideal time of the year for taking thermographic images!

Building thermography is a highly effective means of detecting defects in the construction of buildings as well as missing or ineffective insulation. Such defects are either the result of wear and tear on the building or shoddy workmanship on the part of the builder. An infrared camera can pinpoint these problem areas accurately and reliably and provide you with conclusive evidence that can be used to remedy the situation. The defects the camera detects are not only the chinks and gaping holes in the building’s insulation that are costing half of all Brits at least £100 a year, they are also the defects which are the root of a whole myriad of problems, ranging from uncomfortable drafts and mould formation to thermal bridges and ice dams – problems that can cause home and building owners, tenants and their families endless grief and frustration.

With oil and gas prices hitting an all-time high, many home owners are already keen to stop the precious heat from escaping from their flats and houses and to relieve the bludgeoning burden which the recent hikes in energy prices have put on their strapped household budgets. In addition, many of us are dedicated to cutting down on needless waste and doing something about reducing CO emissions and our collective carbon footprint.

So, in order to ensure that you as a provider of thermographic service are best-prepared – and kitted out – at the start of the thermographic season, we would like to provide you with just the right thermography bargains at just the right time. Read More

Your Partner for Bespoke Solutions in the Food Industry

Customised dehumidification solutions for the Food IndustryClimate conditioning plays a key role in the food industry. The relative humidity and the indoor climate are of paramount importance because they are among the decisive factors which determine the standard of hygiene, the degree of safety and the level of cost effectiveness throughout the entire manufacturing process.

But what options do you have if the demands with regard to climate conditioning change because of new quality directives, innovative production techniques or technology or modified production processes? Read More

Watch Out For One Of Our Work Tents – Wherever You Are

indoor work tent with connected hose and workman doing a thumbs upThere are a fair number of sites and places where you would expect to find one of our multipurpose, pop-up work tents. Outside in foul weather sheltering utility workmen from the driving rain while they are fitting or fixing a section of pipe, outside in gusty, wet winds protecting service technicians while they carry out work on electric cabinets or traffic control boxes or outside in the sleet and snow shielding construction workers while they perform outdoor work which would otherwise have to be put off until the weather relents.

But if there is one place where you would surely not expect to find them, then it would have to be inside.

That’s right – inside. Work safety plays a huge role nowadays and protecting workers and the other occupants of buildings from clouds of dust and dangerous particles caused by work such as grinding or sanding has become a top priority. Read More

Come Rain or Shine: Work Tents from Trotec

There’s nothing like a good office job. That is at least the view that, understandably one would imagine, many office workers seem to share. On balance an office job has a lot going for it: when it’s hot and sticky outside you can turn up the air conditioning or switch on a dehumidifier and create an indoor climate that you feel most comfortable in. And when it’s cold and wet and miserable outside you can comfortably turn up the heating a notch or two and watch how those less fortunate than yourself, like the postman, the builder, the roofer, go about their daily business while you stand gazing out of the window absent-mindedly stirring a chocolate-coated biscuit in your cup of tea.

But the Great Outdoors also has a lot to offer – and there are those weather-beaten, hardened, rugged-looking types, like fishermen, stallholders, farmers and gardeners, who wouldn’t want to swap a day of their lives for a day in the office with you – not for all the tea in China.

Of course just because you are an office worker that doesn’t mean that you have to enjoy working in an office all day long. And just because you are a fitter, a pipelayer or a service technician that doesn’t mean that you don’t mind having to brave the weather day in, day out and that you don’t sometimes get fed up with the sun beating down on relentlessly on your arched aching back, or standing in a pool of cold, murky water in a trench in the rain, or being buffeted about by gusts and galeforce winds while all you are actually trying to do is  your job.

This then is why we at TROTEC have a produced a fine selection of multi-purpose work tents designed to provide adequate shelter and a proper working environment for those professionals who spend much of their time working outside at the mercy of the elements. The water repellent specially-coated canvas material offers ideal protection against cloudbursts, downpours, light showers even heavy, persistent rain. And because the translucent material allows sunlight to pass through the outer walls of the tent, the light inside the tent is bright enough and natural enough to allow work which requires good lighting conditions, like electrical rewiring jobs, soldering or welding, or repairs on segments of pipes or cables to be carried out.

Putting up the tent is the least of your problems. The lightweight quick assembly tents are up in a jiffy. In fact it only takes one man a matter of seconds to unpack one of our many pop-up models from the practical carry bag included in the scope of delivery, spread it out on the ground in front of him and then step into the tent and then out again while pulling the robust but supple fibreglass rods apart that form the frame of this extremely practical and equally valuable man-made shelter. And just in case you had your doubts – the tent can be stowed away just as quickly when your job is done or you have finished for the day.

It pays to think ahead. The highly-flexible but low-priced, long life work tents from Trotec can prevent you from having to down tools and stop work while you wait for the weather to clear up or the rain to cease. This of course can lead to more productive workdays, especially when deadlines are involved, and much more profitable margins.

So be sure to be well-equipped and ready to respond when the next snowstorm, rain shower or low pressure system comes your way.

Make mine Trotec!

Go here to see our comprehensive range of quick up work tents!

When winter gets in the way of constructing your dream – Part 2

building dryers and fans on a construction site in winter

In the first part of our two-part series we already explained the advantages – and the evident lack of disadvantages – of using mobile heating units on winter building sites. Not only does it make good financial sense to rent or buy a mobile electric or oil heating unit to stop temperatures from dipping and putting your building project on hold, it can also save you no end of time and trouble.

What many people fail to realise, however, is that by using heating units during the winter months to dry out their buildings they are actively cutting costs which would compound in later months while other less forward-thinking home builders just sit around and wait – and hope – for warmer weather.

Mobile heating units are designed to allow you to continue with the work you have in mind before carrying on with the next building phase. They are invaluable for keeping up the momentum and preventing the project from grinding to an unsatisfactory and frustrating halt. Especially electric heaters are extremely effective when it comes to bringing down moisture levels, since unlike oil heaters they do not produce any moisture themselves.

The wet, cold weather which invariably impacts the part of the world we live in, makes drying out buildings during the winter months difficult enough as it is. The problem becomes even more difficult to deal with when plastering or screed laying is carried out, for this kind of work produces even more moisture. But failing to counter humidity right now would be saving in the wrong place: energy prices are high enough as it is. And these costs can double for years to come if the house you are living in has not been dried out properly. And things can get worse. When given the opportunity, mould will multiply and spread at an alarming rate. Mould thrives on damp conditions, like in a building that has not been dried out properly. Having to rip out walls or cladding to remedy the problem once you have moved into the house is any home owner’s nightmare.

But what can you do to support the drying out of your building? You could be forgiven for thinking that the bigger the heater, the better the results. This is, however, not the case. In fact by buying or renting an oversized heater you could even end up exacerbating the problem instead of combating it. That’s why it is important to calculate beforehand which heating unit is right for you – if we can help you to determine your individual needs just let us know!

But there is also another way you can speed up the drying out process: Fans circulate the air in rooms. This air movement makes it easier for the moisture in the walls to be given off into the ambient air from where it can be extracted by your heating units.

It doesn’t really matter what you want to rent or buy. We at Trotec have just the right heater, construction dryer or fan for you. And the right advice should you need it. Try us. We would be most happy to oblige.

When winter gets in the way of constructing your dream – Part 1

electric heaters on construction sites in winter

If only everything had gone according to plan – the local tradesmen you contracted would be putting the finishing touches to your new house, the removal men would be on their way round to pack your belongings and whisk them away to your new address and you and your family would be spending your first Christmas gathered together around the beautifully decorated Christmas tree in your very first new family home. If only…

But unfortunately – as it is so often the case in real life – if there’s one thing you can be sure of, then it’s that everything seldom goes according to plan:

Unforeseen events and unpredictable factors can often lead to maddening delays in the schedules of private developers. And because time is nearly always a very scarce commodity during such enterprising ventures, setbacks like these tend to set the aspiring homeowner very much on edge.

And then before you know it it’s winter.

A sharp drop in the temperature can confront you, the home builder, with a whole range of new problems: you now have to decide whether you want to put your building project on hold, hoping above hope that the weather will improve again and that the temperatures will start to rise again – in which case you should perhaps prepare yourself for a very long wait – or you can decide to take control and fight back the biting cold by installing a powerful mobile heating unit.

Unless, of course, you are one of those many house builders out there who wince at the mere thought of being burdened with even more extra costs which any form of on-site heating is bound to bring. The list of expenses is already long enough, you say to yourself. And who would want to add yet another crippling expenditure if it can possibly be avoided? Yet these additional costs are only half the story…

A building delay – or a building stop – can often have a much more serious effect on your budget than a minor outlay. Because you are not able to move into your new home, you will have to find some suitable form of interim accommodation – or continue to pay rent if you are fortunate enough not to be evicted. And by failing to provide adequate heating facilities and protecting your property against damage by frost you run the risk of having to deal with burst water pipes and large-scale frozen plumbing.

So when it comes to warding off the cold what better a way to do so than by using one of the many mobile heating solutions from TROTEC. We have a wide range of electric heaters and oil heating units which are all designed to provide you with the means to keep your building project up and running and your building site warm during the colder winter months.

And if winter takes you by surprise and a quick and practical heating solution is needed immediately, you can always rent one fromTKL, the rental division of our company.

… Read more about winter on a construction site in the next part of this article!