Continuous heating. Satisfied customers!


Tasks relating to heating systems are manifold: Radiators must be renewed, pipes rinsed or renovated.  Or a complete, old heating system is even replaced by an eco-friendly system. In order to keep your customers out of the cold during this kind of work, you must make sure of one thing first: a replacement heater. You can find these in the selection of mobile heaters from Trotec. From electric heaters for single rooms to large oil central heating systems for air conditioning production and storage facilities, the best solutions are available to you. Your customers will be more than satisfied:

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NEW Infra-red Heating panel TIH 650 – optimal for drying wall surfaces

tih650Drying wall surfaces in new buildings, or after water damage and refurbishment, usually requires a little more time than what impatient investors or builders like to quote for. The infra-red heating panels present an easy alternative. But unfortunately many conventional heating panelsradiate heat unevenly – inadequate for effectively drying surfaces. But Trotec has something: the new TIH 650 infra-red heating panel. Read More

TDS 10 M ceramic heater – for barbecues on cool evenings!


“Do you want another sausage or shall we go in?” “Let’s go in, it’s getting a bit chilly out here!” And with that, the barbecue is over, because the cool evening air will drive even the most hardened BBQ fans inside soon enough. But now your barbecue can go into extra time, because the TDS 10 M portable electronic heater will provide cosy warmth outside so the evening can really get started. “Actually, can I have another sausage, Will?”

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Warm all round, happy all round

Infrared Heating Panel

For many people who own a flat or house, the hobby room is their second home. It is where you carry out fiddly repairs, indulge in absorbing hobbies or hold parties – depending on how you have furnished it. As it is rare to install a permanent, effective heating system in a building’s basement, you need to add something to ensure that you are nice and comfortable there during your leisure time.

Trotec’s TIH 630 Infrared Heating Panel is very flat, so it takes up little space. Thanks to the waves of heat, the temperature generated is distributed homogeneously, and there will be no more complaining about electrical heaters’ “warm head, cold feet” effect. Heating with infrared? That’s smart!

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Catering for sports


Even with a well functioning heating system, sports hall and event venue operators should be prepared for all eventualities. When only a section of a hall is rented out or the heating system suddenly breaks down, you should be able to act quickly. For situations like these, it’s worth setting up a small extra heating area.

When needed, mobile heating devices can be put in place and heat up a section of the hall in a jiffy. The TEH-series of electrical heaters from Trotec are reliable partners for this task.

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More than just hot air

Electric fan heater

Your guests should feel well – whether couples, families, entire school classes or hiking groups. That is your number one motto as a provider of holiday homes and cottages.

As long as the weather does its job, the comfortable conditions of the rooms don’t need to be discussed. But as soon as temperatures drop, all these accommodations have to be heated – even only for the short term in some cases. To make sure you are always prepared, all holiday facilities should have a mobile heating equipment that can be accessed at all times. Trotec’s TDS series of electric fan heaters are always ready to make your guests feel comfortable. Read More

IDS 20 and IDS 20 D oil heaters– now on offer!

IDS 20 Oil Fired Indirect Heater

Our direct and indirect oil-fired heaters IDS 20 D and IDS 20 have always enjoyed great popularity. This is because both devices are completely simple to use, highly mobile thanks to their built-in tanks and also impress with their attractive price-performance ratio. And now we’ve taken it one step further: both oil heaters are currently available for a great offer price that will easily ensure nobody is left feeling cold…

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Construction security for rent

Construction security for rent

The onset of winter can quickly bring construction site work to a halt. The result: Potential major delays which hit the builder in the pocket. But you can defy the minus temperatures, because the solution is close at hand: With the use of mobile heaters, work can go on, particularly indoors.

With the TKL Rental Division you can rent Trotec’s top-quality, mobile electric and oil heaters, even for brief periods. And your plans can continue unaltered even when there is an unanticipated cold snap.

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IDE 30 D Oil-Fired Heater – back in stock after a slight facelift!

IDE 30 D

After a slight facelift around the air outlet, the IDE 30 D Oil Fired Direct Heater is available for delivery again. And it is still the best choice for those, who are looking for a long-term heating solution that is both reliable and budget-friendly: for example, for frosty building sites or well-aired but ice-cold warehouses and halls.

Our clear recommendation for good value and direct, on-site heating – is the IDE 30 D.
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With Hogart Trotec strengthens its image in the Russian market


Since its foundation in 1996 the Russian wholesaler Hogart is an expert in the sectors heating, ventilation, air conditioning and sanitary equipment. Now the business relationship between Hogart und Trotec should be consolidated, intensified and placed on a solid basis. Therefore, Hogart employees visited the Trotec head office in Heinsberg and participated in a product training.

“For more than ten years we only sold one Trotec product in Russia, the dehumidifiers of the TTK series”, Sergey Belov explains, head of sales department ventilation division at Hogart. “Our business relationship was pretty stable but on the other hand nothing ever changed. Then we got to know Jürgen Schmitz and found out that Trotec started pursuing a new, international strategy to immerse deeper into the Russian market.” Among other things as Trotec export manager Jürgen Schmitz is responsible for Russia. From many years of experience he knows what the customers and the market demand. “We can benefit from relationships like the one we have with Hogart. The company knows the Russian market very well and has established itself as one of the leading companies”, Schmitz says. Sergey Belov, as well, wants to have Trotec as an important partner in the Russian market for the sectors dehumidification, ventilation and heating to “restart our mutual business. Trotec has a very good understanding of the Russian market. They notice specific facts and at the same time recognize approaches to overcome them. We feel in good hands and supported. Thus, we are really looking forward to the cooperation.” Read More