Vintage car garages – 7 common misconceptions about garage climate

Many classic car owners think their vintage vehicles are protected against corrosion, rust and mould in their garages. But is this really the case? We have done our research and spoken with vintage car and garage owners, as well as with renowned experts who know all there is to know about the sensitive issue of care and climate. Here you will find a list of the 7 most common misconceptions held by vintage car owners – and how to rectify them…

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The NEW TTK 165 ECO industrial dehumidifier – finally available!

The boom in the renovation and construction sectors continues – as does the unbroken demand for our new TTK 165 ECO industrial dehumidifier. As a decision maker you should seize this opportunity now and grasp it by its distinctive handle bar: You will never find such a cost-effective solution for industrial dehumidification applications again – especially not at this price!

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Perfect vintage car weather – optimum garage climate!

Cited from the logbook belonging to the vintage car driver Raimund E. from Cologne: “Beaut. summer wthr. + wond. quick spin i.t. country inc. picnic treat! Bth. dogs enthusias! Evening rtn. t. Clgn. No dam. to sheet metal + chrome, everything o.k. all round! Garage 1 button press + super climate instantly!!! Thanks to Thinc!” Whatever these cryptic abbreviations may mean – three things appear to be clear: Mr E. loves his dogs, his classic car and his DH-VPR+ dehumidifier with ThinC! Climate technology!

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NEW TTK 165 Eco industrial dehumidifier – capable of up to 52 litres daily!

A day to rejoice for decision makers in the renovation and construction sector: The new TTK 165 Eco is on the horizon – a particularly economical solution for typical dehumidifying applications in the industrial sector. A high dehumidification capacity, a robust performance for rough construction sites, as well as an extremely low price gives every professional reason to rejoice!

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TTK 75 ECO dehumidifier – finally back in stock!

With hot gas defrosting and an operating hours counter, the TTK 75 ECO is specially designed for typical dehumidification applications for trade and industry. As the compact and equally robust device is a suitable solution for the need for a construction drier that’s as good as it is cost effective, it was more or less predestined to be sold out very quickly. Now, the dehumidifier is finally available for delivery again as a particularly economic solution for commercial use.

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The NEW industrial dehumidifier TTK 172 ECO – finally available!


Many companies from the construction and renovation sector have already ordered the new TTK 172 ECO construction drier – and in doing so are making the now available dehumidifier one of our best sellers. It’s no wonder that they have been flying off the shelves since the launch: after all, we have done a few things to it and equipped it with a robust steel construction as well as concrete inner values.

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Preserving quality and aroma

DH Series

Raw tobacco, and in particular delicate oriental tobacco, is a sensitive and often very valuable commodity. Protecting it during transportation, and above all during storage, is therefore a top priority. The dried and fermented leaves must never be exposed to elevated air humidity levels, otherwise there is a risk of mould and mould stains. If the ambient air in the warehouse is too dry, the leaves will dry out and quickly loose their aroma. Give this delicate commodity the climate it needs to develop the best quality. The industrial dehumidifiers from Trotec’s DH series make it possible. Read More

High performance, lower price

Industrial dehumidification

Whoever wants top quality, especially with industrial dehumidifiers, shouldn’t try save too much on price. But this is now possible and the savings are significant! That’s because Trotec is putting a range of DH 95 S demonstration models on offer again. For you this means an especially favourable deal on the best dehumidification for keeping stored goods dry while preventing damage from mould and rust.

Theses demonstration models have only been unpackaged for demonstration purposes and therefore have seen just a few hours of operation – if any at all. Nonetheless, every model is checked from head to toe in advance. That’s a guarantee!

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Compact design and top performance

DH 25 S Industrial Dehumidifier

At last! The waiting is over. Trotec’s new high-performance DH 25 S industrial dehumidifier is available. They are fresh off the production line and ready for delivery right now. It means that the Trotec Group’s range of industrial dehumidifiers has been supplemented by one more top quality, powerful model.

As the smallest in the DH S series of condenser dryers, the DH 25 S dehumidifies up to an impressive 40 litres per day. Yet it is extremely compact and great value. It’s just brilliant, this new model!

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