Always ready for action


Tanks, ammunition, helicopters, uniforms and a number of defence technology equipment must always be at hand and at the ready for the Bundeswehr. Only then will the troops be fully equipped for exercises and, of course, for deployment. But this equipment needs to be maintained. And this only works with optimum storage. The powerful DH series dehumidifiers by Trotec are ideally suited to avoid moisture related damage. For protection during continuous operation!

Always ready for action 

The military must always be prepared. For emergencies and relief operations that soldiers are deployed to. After all, the tasks of the Bundeswehr include taking part in military operations within the framework of security and defence policy, ensuring homeland security and providing assistance in case of natural disasters and major accidents. Humanitarian aid abroad and international conflict prevention are also areas where the Bundeswehr is deployed. The tasks of our troops are varied. Accordingly, extensive is the equipment that the Bundeswehr has at its disposal. From its various weapons to vehicles, such as all-terrain vehicles, transporters and tanks, up to ammunition depots, uniforms and helicopters: All this must be kept in good working order for exercises and for deployments to ensure that the equipment is always ready for action.

Protection using air dehumidification

Military material suffers during storage. Notwithstanding maintenance, one thing looms above all: Damage from humidity. Corrosion, electronics failure and mildew are the negative consequences to be mentioned here. Increased maintenance would be necessary to prevent this. Because material that is affected by humidity must be regularly cleaned and maintained with a particular amount of effort. The simplest yet most reliable solution for preserving high-quality equipment is to use the DH series condenser dryer by Trotec. Divided into various performance classes, they fight for the welfare of your military equipment.

Victorious in the fight against corrosion

High-class and robust components make the professional DH series condenser dryers extremely powerful partners for military applications. Quick drying, can take a beating: They master any challenge. Whether in vehicle depots, in underground ammunition depots, in weapons depots and many other areas, they combat humidity both reliably and continuously. Even at extremely low temperatures. The principle of condensation according to which the DH series equipment function not only guarantees extremely high dehumidification performance. Moreover, the dehumidifiers are also a particular cost-effective solution.

DH condenser dryer – that impresses        

  • Closed drying systems
  • Extremely high dehumidification performance
  • Prepared to work in temperature up to -15 °C
  • Especially robust construction
  • Fully automatic, low-maintenance operation

You see, professionals are at work here in preserving military equipment. The DH series condenser dryers are available in different performance classes. Trotec has the right model at the ready for any dehumidification
application. At Trotec Industrial Services, professionals are also at work to optimally plan deployments in terms of dehumidification.  The need for equipment is analysed on site and a detailed calculation of the operating costs is made. And our skilled professionals are ready to help for any questions about device types, installation locations and deployment you may have.  Any time!

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