Exceptional service


To ensure there isn’t too much of a wait before someone can move into a house or flat after it has undergone a full renovation, and to keep the new tenants or owners happy, many estate agents now rely on the use of additional technology. The high-quality and effective dehumidifiers from Trotec accelerate the drying process of building materials. And following extensive renovation, rooms will be ready for their new occupants much sooner thanks to quick drying times for glues, paints and varnishes. Offer your customers this added convenience and spare yourself the long wait. A truly exceptional service!

Exceptional service

Tenants and property owners are always full of anticipation for their move into a new home. As soon as they have chosen their new four walls, the move usually cannot come fast enough. It’s understandable! Ultimately this heralds the start of a new chapter in life, which is met with great excitement. As an estate agent you are familiar with customers’ impatience and excitement. Your customers often have to practice their patience, particularly when a new house is built, whose sale you are supervising, or when a flat is fully renovated. This idea will allow you to offer your customers an exceptional service that everyone will appreciate: reach for a selection of dehumidifiers which will considerably speed up the drying process of the building structure and materials used during renovations works. With this you will be doing everything to give your customers a fast move.

Always the right model   

Of course it makes a difference whether you are selling or renting a newly built home, or whether you are trying to eliminate the signs of renovations works. For this, Trotec has different mobile condensation dehumidifiers at the ready, which can be used optimally depending on the requirement.

High-performance construction dryers for houses

Is the house your customers would like to move in to newly built? And do they have to wait until the building structure is completely dry? Then you need a professional! In this case, the construction dryers from the Trotec TTK professional series are perfect. Even at low temperatures and in adverse conditions, these robust devices work reliably and thoroughly. They impress with the best technology and a high drying capacity.
The TTK construction dryers guarantee a high dehumidification performance alongside low maintenance costs. As mobile “power houses” they are flexible and can be deployed quickly – in almost any location. It’s not without reason that the TTK professional series are amongst the most successful construction dryers in Europe.

Standard dryer following renovation

Following comprehensive renovation works, building materials need to dry out completely, as does paint, varnish and glue. The dehumidifiers from the TTK-S series from Trotec speed up this process. The reliable commercial dryers target moisture and can even be used in harsh conditions. This is because the top-quality workmanship means not even dust and moisture can harm the high-quality technology.

For added convenience: the TTK-E-S series

A convenient form of dehumidification is provided by the devices from the  TTK-E-S series from Trotec. Convenience at the touch of a button. If renovation works have just been finished in a flat, or the last steps are being completed on the interior of a new home, the practical compact class of condensation dryers can offer a helping hand. The mobile dryers can be used in almost any area of a new home while the finishing touches are being completed or even during the move-in and thus protect the new interior reliably against moisture and corrosion.

As you can see, there are lots of ways for you to make your customers even more satisfied. It is good idea, particularly with the convenience dryers, to have one or more models to hand. This way you can always offer your customers this exceptional service.
It is also possible to rent the high-performance dehumidifiers. Find out more in our  TKL rental portal. There you can find the right dehumidifier for your particular requirements at any time.


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