Guide for “Best garage climate” – combating the chaos of odours


Many vehicle owners inhale deeply as they enter their garages. Because within the four walls where they keep their new and classic cars, their chrome jewels, it smells like motorsport, work, passion and maintenance. Sound familiar to you? But what is a revelation of smells in the eyes of many can quickly turn into a disturbance. The sense of smell is overstimulated, and inhaling fumes, of petrol for example, is harmful in the long run. Extensive ventilation is often not enough to bring order to the chaos of odours in a garage. You should therefore turn to an effective, powerful technology that can actively support you in eliminating the cocktail of odours from fuel, carburettors, oil and leather. This is where the new ThinC! climate management comes into play. This means high-quality technology, integrated into the modern DH-VPR+ models from Trotec. These are the DH dehumidifiers of the value protection range! The stylish assistants with integrated ionisers put an end to the chaos of odours while simultaneously ensuring an optimal garage climate.

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Adviser: “Best garage environment”– protects against rust and corrosion


They are the prized possessions that we take out for a drive and then carefully park away back in the garage. We are talking about our cars. And these prized possessions deserve to be well-looked after, especially if they are left for a longer period of time in the garage. As a car enthusiast it is not only the outer appearance of your vehicle that you need to pay attention to. Most important are, of course, its inner qualities. Because it is exactly here, in those hidden areas on the body of the car, which you store in the garage to protect from the elements, that condensation, caused by fluctuating outdoor temperatures and a high level of humidity, quickly forms. And that causes your car to quickly rust. Our recommendation: Don’t even let condensation begin to form. Trotec can provide you with professional support; with the latest ThinC! climate manager. Best garage environment with the models DH VPR+ by Trotec – the DH dehumidifier from the Value Protection Range!

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For freshness and quality


The requirements of climate technology in a supermarket are as diverse as its products. It must function efficiently, especially in sensitive areas such as fresh food departments. But energy consumption must also be considered. Another necessity is assurance of the quality of the products and the well-being of the customers. You can only expect the success of your store when your cooling technology takes all of these requirements into consideration. We will back you up – with our high-performance dehumidifiers. The stationary dehumidifiers of the Trotec TTR series provide an optimal climate in the supermarket, for your products and your customers.

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Exquisite aromas


For producing dry aged beef, everything depends on the beef being of an excellent quality. But the technology in the rooms where the dry ageing is done also has to be a hundred percent right. The ageing rooms must be kept at the correct temperature and be constantly dehumidified. The powerful TTR series of desiccant dehumidifiers from Trotec guarantee stable climate conditions. Long-lasting, low-maintenance and flexible to configure, they work to ensure the best possible quality and to retain the prized aromas of the meat. Excellent taste for demanding customers. Guaranteed!

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The perfect downtime


The downtime work in production plants is planned long in advance, because there is generally only a small window of time available in which all necessary maintenance work is performed. For this, everything must be perfectly in place so that the production outage is no longer than necessary. But to also prevent certain plant components from being damaged during disassembly, the interim storage should also be equipped with turbines, boilers, etc. Here, high-performance dryers, such as the TTR series adsorption dehumidifier from Trotec, ensure the greatest level of security.

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Fresh fruit – pure and simple


Fruits and vegetables always have to be fresh and crisp. When these healthy items are displayed in a store, the indirect moisture generated by a humidifier ensures particularly long-lasting freshness and a glossy appearance of the product. Customers like that. But the distributor should also care for the condition of the humidifying devices themselves. Freshness should be top priority here as well. That is why we recommend using SecoSan. With just one Trotec SecoSan Stick, the water in the tank of the humidifier stays clean and clear for a long time. And the device provides only the healthiest moisture for your fruits and vegetables. Practical, right?

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Light the barbecue faster – with a heat gun


You’ve invited your friends over for a barbecue, everything is going well, but once again you are left waiting and waiting for the coals to heat through. It’s pointless to start playing the blame game: (“We said half past five, not five!” “You wanted to buy new coal, not me!”) Right now, you need help, fast! Our hot tip: just use your heat gun to light the charcoal. It works easily, quickly and without any harmful substances – the sausages will be on the grill in a heartbeat!

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NEW radiant heater IR 1500 S – for direct, rich, infra-red heat!


Mornings in the bath: BRRR! Afternoons in the hobby cellar: BRRR! Evenings on the patio: Double-BRRR! There is only one solution: One needs some heat – and immediately! This is exactly what we can supply with our new radiant heater IR 1500 S. The extremely energy efficient quartz heater generates direct, comforting infra-red heat just like the natural sunshine principal. With our DEAL-Offer you can also save about 25 € – but only when you place an order for delivery by CW 15!

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Freshness for fireplace fans


Those who love cosy heat and a crackling fire know how to enjoy life. But fireplace fans also love freshness and healthy air at home. And that is hard to come by, especially if the fireplace is lit particularly often during the cold months. To protect wooden furniture from drying out and prevent negative impacts on health resulting from dry ambient air, you probably use a humidifier. That is good! But think about the health of your device too. The only way to ensure the technology lasts a long time is to make sure the humidifier tank is always filled with fresh, clear water. With SecoSan Stick from Trotec, care and maintenance is very easy. And you can breath deep and easy and enjoy the cosy fireplace atmosphere. Thanks SecoSan!

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A strong partner, strong performance


In order to be well-equipped, fire departments and THW groups rely on powerful units, for instance when rectifying flood water damage in deployment areas or dealing with the consequences of heavy rain. Pumping out water, constructing dams, creating run-offs and many other actions have to be completely mastered. Of course, the technical equipment has to be right too. The technology of the condensation dehumidifiers from the Trotec TTK series have proven highly effective for such expensive and exhaustive continuous use! Powerful and mobile. A strong partner, always at your side!

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