NEW Dehumidifier TTK128 E – top dehumidifier at top conditions

TTK 128 E Dehumidifier

Isn’t that paradoxical? Our new top of the line TTK 128 E ensures exemplary dryness even in your very large residential and office spaces. At the same time, our Deal offer ensures that your budget stays exceptionally liquid. And that’s not a contradiction in terms, but the finest Trotec technology in visually flawless guise at the best possible conditions!

Even if successful design is in the eye of the beholder, when it comes to our new dehumidifier, the opinion is unanimous: added to its impressive shape is a stylish black and white look – and this absolutely harmonious design solution makes it suitable for its big performance: even in large rooms. TTK 128 E keeps them dry all around with up to 55 litres daily dehumidification output in spaces up to 160 m2.

How it works

Thanks to the hygrostat-controlled dehumidification system, all you have to do is adjust your desired humidity value on its high quality LCD display. Once this humidity value is reached, the compressor switches off automatically to save energy. But whenever the value is exceeded, the device also switches automatically back on again. Moreover, the two-stage blower and the adjustable discharge direction also ensure flexible handling of the dehumidifier, whose operating time you can control with the timer.

Carrying handles and castors make any change of location extremely simple. And if periodic manual draining of the water tank is not possible, such as during unattended continuous drying in your weekend house or on your boat, the TTK 128 E comes equipped with an integrated separate port to directly drain the condensate with a hose.

The TTK 128 E is complemented by a fill level warning light that lights up whenever the water tank is full, overfill protection with auto shut-off, as well as the easy access and easy to wash air filter.

Four of the many advantages that I find particularly good:

  • hygrostat-controlled automatic dehumidification
  • very high dehumidification
  • overfill protection with auto shut-off function
  • two-stage blower

The TTK 128 E is especially affordable with the pre-order discount – only until the 44th calendar week!

Best order your TTK 128 E today. We will deliver it after the 44th calendar week. Act now and instead of £ 384.80 pay only £ 353.03 incl. VAT. – available now in the Trotec shop!

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