NEW PAE 30 Air Cooler: stylish tower fan – with additional evaporative cooling

This is so smart! This is so cool! The new PAE 30 Air Cooler combines fresh fan wind with natural evaporation cooling. So in summer, this stylish tower fan not only blows the heat out of the room, but also provides cooling refreshment on the skin. And in winter, the elegant air cooler, serving as a humidifier ensures that the room air, which is often too dry during the hottest months, is optimally humidified. This means that not only summer, but also the next winter can come as they please. Like I said – smart!

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Bringing light to Geocaching

UV-Torchlight 5F

For many people, using a treasure map to locate a hidden treasure is one of their favourite dreams. Geocaching can make this dream come true. The difference is that a GPS receiver is used instead of the traditional map. And rather than a ‘treasure’, there is a ‘cache’ – a small container containing a logbook and a trade item. Give it a try – it is guaranteed fun: 10 tips to get you started with geocaching…

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Water gets you through any journey

Water gets you through any journey

Long drives in the car on business trips or to holiday destinations can be extremely tiring. Anyone needing to handle hundreds of miles on motorways and local roads really ought to prepare properly for the journey. For it is not just the driving behaviour of other motorists that poses major risks, but also concentration and physical discomfort. So take regular breaks where you relax and stretch out your muscles. And be sure to take plenty of fresh, vitamin-rich food and healthy drinking water. A Trotec SecoSan Stick will keep your water clean and fresh throughout the journey.

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The best light for today’s treasure hunters

Geocaching Torchlight

They used to call them scavenger hunts.  But instead of reference cards and a compass, today’s treasure hunters set off with GPS receivers, telescope mirrors, spare batteries, pens, a first aid kit and a torch. Geocaching is the sport of hunting for containers hidden in tricky locations.

Maybe you’ve not come across geocaching? Or not tried it yet? You ought to give it a go! It’s great adventure, and highly addictive. Whether in the urban wilderness of a big city, fields or woods – on land and in the water! Ideally with Trotec’s UV-Torchlight 5F by your side. During the night and when searching in dark corners you will always have powerful light to hand.

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Make sure you have the right tyre pressure before your next tour

The right tyre pressure on the bike
When was the last time you went on a bike tour through one of our many inspiringly picturesque countrysides, along paths that followed scenic stretches of waterways, through hauntingly beautiful forests or woodland, across sprawling commons or down winding, rickety roads and up narrow, twisted tracks as you drank in the wonderful views and scenery in between long, deep breaths of bracing, clean, fresh air?

And when was the last time you checked the pressure of the tyres on your bike?
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The BT20 meat thermometer. For a perfect steak or Sunday roast. Every single time.

Trotec Meat Thermometer for the perfect steakIf you are particularly fond of good food – and for many people this translates into a nice juicy steak or burger, an assortment of spicy sausages sizzling happily over a charcoal fire or a mouth-wateringly succulent joint stewing slowly in its own juices – then you are in all probability not one to compromise when it comes to anything as fundamental and essential as tenderness or taste.

Yet despite the sometimes elaborate or even ritualistic lengths that some people go to to ensure that the cut of meat they wish to prepare is as well-hung, marinated, smoked or as seasoned as can be, they often leave perhaps the most important aspect of all – namely when to take the roast, chicken or stew out of the oven or when to whip the sausages, steaks or burgers off the barbecue or grill – to a feeling which they are often keen to put down to intuition or experience but which could arguably be construed as leaving this final, vital culinary detail to little more than pure chance or pot luck. Read More

What do band practice and high humidity values have in common?!

Band practice with high humidity values

If there’s one thing that most musicians have in common – apart from their passion for music of course – it’s the love they share for their instruments. It comes as no small surprise then that they are prepared to go to great – sometimes even bizarre – lengths to conserve and protect those instruments that are so dear to them and that they are forever keen to ensure that they are well-treated and also well-kept. This, however, is not always as easy as it may at first seem, as the instruments’ well-being depends significantly on their immediate environment and the indoor climate.

The indoor climate in certain rooms in both older and outlying buildings, as well as the room climate in many cellars and basements where bands or budding musicians practise and hone the skills they have acquired or are still desperate to develop, is not just bad for either the instruments they are playing or the electronic equipment they are using, like amplifiers, speakers and synthesizers for example, it is quite simply downright damaging. And the main reason for this situation is high levels of humidity.
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The art of achieving the right room climate in museums and galleries (and in your home!)

Dehumidifiers in a museum

Yes, but is it art? It is a question that has been asked since time immemorial. But what is art? Art is the product of a process within a process for art has changed and developed just as man and the notions he has regarding his existence and the perceptions he has of his environment and the society and the community he lives in have changed and developed. Art is not just a painting on a canvas, a haunting symphony, a beautiful ode or a mural on a wall. Art can be so many different things to just as many different people: it is art when it rouses the senses, when it moves, shocks or startles the beholder and it is art when the symbolism of the artist’s work leaves a deep and lasting impression, as frontiers are pushed back further and further and the DaVincis, Monets, van Goghs and Picassos of yesteryear are succeeded by the Beuys, Dalis, Warhols and Hirsts of today.

The works these artists have produced are as traditional as they are controversial. Yet whether it’s an Old Master hanging from a specially appointeded space on a specially appointed wall, a dead cow preserved in a glass case of formaldehyde or Tracey Emin’s unmade bed alive with the shockingly intimate details of her past night, there is one thing which they all have in common – they all need to be protected against the adverse or even devastating effects which the wrong indoor climate can have on such masterpieces and milestones in the history of art. Read More

In the used car business, professional appearance is all that counts!

buying a used car

Women and cars: I know what you may think…for some men at least, this may not be the perfect combination. But believe it or not – when I buy a used car, I really want to know what I’m buying. And although I’m no expert, I read through scores  of magazines and internet pages to find out anything I can about different types of engines and other technical details. Bhp, acceleration, cylinders, torque – I know what I want and when I decide to spend several thousands of euros on a car, I expect to get precisely what I want. However, most sellers, whether they are selling their car on a private or commercial basis,  just don’t take me seriously. On the contrary, they often believe that I buy anything they try to sell me.

“Don’t worry – this car is absolutely accident-free,” is one of the statements that I heard on pretty much every stop during my extensive tour through the various car dealerships in the region.
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Humidity in the garage? Don’t let your car turn into a rusty old banger

oldtimer in garage

An Englishman’s home is his castle. And his car his most-loved toy. This would be a rather crude assessment of what is more, much more, than just a fleeting fancy or a child-like fantasy – it is a deep, ingrained passion for fantastically-engineered and beautifully-crafted motorcars which stir emotions and – yes, it must be admitted – pluck at the strings of the heart. The beauty, the power and the elegance which veteran, vintage and classic cars embody can cause grown men – and of course women – to tremble with excitement and pleasure and to bemoan a bygone age of glamour and style as they look back on slowly-fading but fond memories. Which is why these wonderful vehicles need to be protected, not only against carjackers and car thieves, but also against the ravages of time, the elements – and the indoor climate.

The effect that the wrong indoor climate can have on the car in your garage:

As any real car enthusiast knows, the indoor climate plays an extremely important role when it comes to preserving the car of your dreams and to protecting it against moisture and the effects which moisture can have on the bodywork, the chassis and the fittings of your prized possession. High humidity levels provide the ideal breeding ground for rust and corrosion. In fact a relative humidity of only 60%, which, depending on where you live, what time of year it is and what the weather is like, is quickly reached can eat at the metal and the spotlessly shiny chrome and cause damage that not only spoils the aesthetic value of your car, but can also transform what was once a dazzling gem into a rough diamond. That’s why you can’t just park your car in the drive or leave it to rust at the kerb, what you need is a proper garage for your car so that it retains its value and you retain the pleasure you get from it.

But there more hidden dangers lurking in your garage than you might think:

Moisture is not only present in the ambient air, it can also work its way through walls and penetrate seemingly solid or leak-proof brickwork. And not only that: if you’ve been out for a spin and been caught in the rain or if you have been unlucky enough to end up in a snowdrift during the harsher winter months, then there will be more than enough moisture on your wheels, tyres and the car’s undercarriage to cause corrosion and considerable damage to your car when you drive it back into the relative warmth of your garage. In such cases, the moisture contained in the relatively warm air can also settle on the paintwork of your car or seep into tiny cracks between the various body parts where it can quickly become a serious and costly problem. And that’s only on the outside. The material or leather upholstery and the trimmings in the interior of your car do not take kindly to moist air and can in some cases adopt a musty smell which is a sure sign of mould. Cars have always been wonders of technology. They can be packed with motors which power the windows or adjust the seats and seemingly miles of cable. Moisture is not just bad for the electrics in your car, it is Enemy No.1. When the electrics don’t work and your car doesn’t start, then the cause could well be moisture.

How to make sure that you and your car remain together a life-time:

You can ensure that you get the most out of your Morgan Plus, your E-Type Jaguar, your Porsche 911 or quite simply the car you are proud to call your own by following a few simple steps:

Make sure that your car is dry before you close the garage door. This way the excess moisture can escape to the outside rather than condense on your car in the inside.
Install a dehumidifier. This may sound a little drastic or over the top, but a dehumidifier like the ones in the  TTK S Series from Trotec can monitor and control the climate in just about any room – or garage –and regulate the relative humidity so that the problems described above do not occur and you can be sure that the next time you fetch your car out of the garage all you have to do is turn the key for the motor to gun into life and then purr contentedly as you appreciatively let your eyes and fingers glide over the exquisitely designed, sleek interior and soak up the pleasure of owning your very own personal dream car.

Like we said before. A car can last a life-time. And you can decide if it does.

Trotec. The name in dehumidifiers and climate conditioning.