Keep your gym fit


Fitness clubs should not just provide good quality machines and modern fittings. Members also place great value on a clean, fresh environment, especially in terms of fresh air. You can provide all this by using Trotec’s TTK-E-S range of convenient, high performance dehumidifiers. Not only do these compact machines protect the inside of the building, they also ensure the environment is fresh and healthy. Ideal conditions for a sporty feel-good atmosphere!

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Trotec Interview

Interview Gres

Wine has a long tradition in the Gres family in the region of Rhein-Hessian Appenheim. Since the mid-1600s vines have been harvested and processed with a devotion to wine in this family business. Klaus Gres has worked at companies in South Africa and California until he set up his own operation ten years ago. With the help of his parents and wife, the winemaker produces around 120.000 bottles of wine a year.

Thus far, the Gres family has won 14 honour awards of the state in the Rhine region for their wines. There were already some top ratings in the Gault Millau as well! In the Trotec interview he speaks about developments in wine production, traditional methods and the use of air dehumidifiers in his wine cellar. The devices from the TTK S series from Trotec are an indispensable aid. His most recent purchase is a model from the luxury class: the DH 30 VPR.

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Hygienically fresh, hygienically clean


Strict hygiene is the cardinal rule in the meat processing industry, whether processing fresh meats or producing cold meats. Usually, however, it is not the strict hygiene regulations which make things difficult for the producers. Too much air humidity in the cool areas can cause major problems: germs can form, odours develop, corrosion can appear and production can even be halted. You can play it safe by deploying one of Trotec’s TTR series industrial dryers. These high-performance air dehumidifiers can provide clean, safe production and hygiene conditions for your operation.

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Bring on the garden party


Having tents and gazebos is a huge benefit – they are always flexible. If you spontaneously choose to take off for the weekend, you have always got a roof over your head. And if you invite friends over to your garden in the spring or summer, a gazebo will always provide a sheltered area if it gets chilly in the evening or when rain clouds appear.

But being flexible means, in turn, taking good care of these temporary ceilings and walls. Once they have been cleaned – ideally with a high-pressure cleaner – tents and gazebos should be dried and carefully folded. When storing them in a basement or shed, use a dehumidifier to prevent mould and mildew from forming. The TTK-E-S series Compact Dehumidifiers from Trotec provide ideal protection for stored tents.

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Damp cellars: Cause and solution!


Normally, you can smell it as soon as the door opens. A damp cellar gives off a mouldy, musty odour. But, because damp attracts mould like nothing else, a damp cellar is not just a problem for sensitive nostrils, but also a genuine health risk. And nobody needs that in their own house. So, now: damp cellars – the most common causes and how to get rid of the problem …

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Spring at last – now to get rid of winter mould


It is now time to get rid of a nasty legacy of the wet, cold season. For it is during the winter that flats and houses often suffer from damp and outbreaks of mildew which can be unhealthy. Ideally, it is best to attack it when it is initially attempting to take hold. Which is why the experts recommend a thorough spring checkup. And, of course, we have to be involved – it’s a point of honour!

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Electronics in top form

Dehumidifier TTR 200 Dehumidifier TTR 300 Dehumidifier TTR 400 D Dehumidifier TTR 500 D Image Map

Circuit boards are at the heart of every machine.  These sophisticated electronics control the wide variety of devices and systems including those from the high-tech field. The sensitive printed circuit boards must function both properly and in the long term so that machines can do their work reliably.

The nuts and bolts of circuit board distribution starts first of all with an optimally prepared storage site where the circuit boards are protectively housed. Humidity is one of the greatest enemies of precision electronics. Because once the moisture penetrates, patina and corrosion threaten. Protect sensitive electronic pieces and prepare your storage site – best to use a TTR series dehumidifier from Trotec! Read More

NEW! The TTK 31 E dehumidifier – finally back in stock!

TTK 31 E Dehumidifier

Extremely compact and with an attractive design as well – no wonder the TTK 31 E was sold out at lightning speed! The little dehumidification wonder is unchanged and now back on our shelves. Not only its excellent design but also its technical features meet the highest demands. The TTK 33 E is ready when you are…

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NEW! DH 25 S industry dehumidifier – on offer for real professionals!

DH 25 S Industrial Dehumidifier

The new high-performance DH 25 S industry dehumidifier is proof that no compromises need be made for a budget-friendly, international standard solution. However, some of the costs can be erased thanks to the excellent price-performance ratio. And with our great DEAL you will even save once again while waiting. Well, is that or is that not an offer for professionals?

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Construction dryers and commercial dehumidifiers – the professional solution

Construction dryers

What really distinguishes the professional construction dryers or commercial dehumidifiers from a ‘normal’ dehumidifier? Does the yellow or orange-coloured paint on the sheet steel construction make something of a difference? Or is it the particularly large tyres? Neither plays an insignificant role. Nevertheless, first place would be given to the differing dehumidification capacities …

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