Trotec supports cultural diversity


On the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development you should invest in the intercultural dialogue. That’s what we do every day with our international customers and numerous colleagues from all over the world.

The World Day for Cultural Diversity “provides us with an opportunity to deepen our understanding of the values of cultural diversity and to learn to live together” as it is mentioned on the website of the United Nations. Since the day was declared at the UN General Assembly in 2001 the intercultural dialogue stands in the focus of the 21. May. Read More

Flexible heat resistant hoses. Not just a lot of hot air

Flexible heat resistant hoses

If you’ve been in the business as long as we have – and we’ve been in the business of providing customers in industry and in the commercial sector, as well as hundreds of thousands of private customers, with machines, measuring equipment, IR cameras and bespoke solutions in the field of dehumidification, ventilation, heating and climate control for the best part of 20 years now – you will have also had your fair share of positive and negative experiences, promises that were kept and promises that were broken, and assurances and guarantees that either turned out to be worth little more than the paper they were printed on or nothing more but a lot of hot air.

So when a new supplier contacted our purchasing department claiming that their company would be able to supply us with specially manufactured, heat resistant air discharge hoses that were designed to transport hot air up to a temperature of 100C we were naturally very interested but nonetheless – well – a little cautious. Because although such hoses would be excellently suited for use with our wide range of electric and oil heaters, and would complement our existing range of air hoses very nicely, the proof of the pudding – as the saying goes – is in the eating.

And because we are committed to providing you with the best possible quality at the best possible price, all the products and accessories which make up our extensive portfolio are subjected to rigorous and comprehensive testing before they receive the Trotec seal of approval. In this particular case this meant that sample hoses which we had been sent were passed on to our Product Management Department with the explicit request that our team of dedicated engineers carry out the appropriate tests to determine whether the hoses were as good as they were made out to be.

Which is why our team of experts popped the hoses into an oven. Read More

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Merry Xmas

Dear reader, dear Trotec customer,

we would like to seize this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and all the best for the new year! Enjoy the holidays and have a wonderful time with your loved ones.

We are looking forward to being there for you also in 2012!

Best wishes,
Your Trotec Team

*** Frohe Weihnachten ***Merry Christmas *** Joyeux Noël *** Wesołych Świąt *** Feliz Navidad *** Mutlu Noeller *** 圣诞节快乐 *** Vrolijk Kerstfeest *** Glædelig Jul! *** Hyvää Joulua! *** Buon Natale! *** God Jul! ***

Wind, wind go away come again another day.

Windstorm at the beachA friend of mine recently returned from a well-earned holiday which she spent in Portugal. And from what I was able to gather she had a lovely time, lapping up the sun and lying on the beach, wrapped in a beach towel, watching bronzed young men eager to impress onlookers with a display of their effortlessly acquired beach volleyball skills. Did I say wrapped in a beach towel?

Well, according to her account of what she experienced on holiday, it wasn’t the little mites, bless them, kicking up sand and jumping around excitedly as they built sandcastles and dug their warrens of trenches, or the athletic posers feigning a game of beach volleyball that bothered her most while she tried to unwind and enjoy her trip down to the beach – it was the wind.

Because although my friend was well aware of the fact that the holiday resorts along stretches of the Atlantic coast are recognised as not always being the calmest of places, she had not counted on ending up lying on a beach cocooned in a large Terry towel if she were to have any chance of braving the gusty squalls and strong winds that were whipping up the sand, whirling sunshades around and tearing at the billowing windbreakers.

So how come nobody has come up with the idea of not only checking out water temperatures and the air temperatures at holiday resorts but also wind speeds – preferably before somebody ends up stuck on a beach in the middle of a medium-sized sandstorm? Read More

Brand quality that really pays off

You will know this from the supermarket: You are just about to grab your favourite brand of crisps, from the very same shelve it has always been. For the very same price it has always had. And yet there is one difference: It feels lighter, somehow … And then, when you are comfortably curled up in front of the TV, looking forward to some nice and cosy nibbling, your worst fears are brutally confirmed: There are not as much crisps in the bag as there used to be!

This concealed form of price increase is particularly clever, since more often than not the inadvertent consumer doesn’t even notice the markup. Read More

If it’s about work tents … this is the expert!

work tentThose of you who have ever ordered a tent from us will know him for sure: Marc Pluijmaekers is the authority for work tents and everything around it. He is counselling our customers with a lot of expertise, putting his whole heart and soul into each and every one of his projects. He designs tents for every spirit and purpose – and is definitely worth an interview! Read More

UK weekly news: The long hot summer of Trotec promotion gathers force.

Hello again,

Another week flashes by as we get nearer to the IWEX event that Trotec will be exhibiting at between 24th – 26th May 2011.

I have been looking at other events that may suit the rollout of the Trotec brand across the UK this summer. We have been in contact with the organisers of the Global Leakage Conference which will be held in London in June of this year.

This is a conference where water undertakers of the world over come and share experiences and information about their specialism with the rest of the world. The reason it is held in the UK is because the UK still remains in the most developed market for leak detection in the world. In addition, most leak detection equipment has been developed for the UK market and the UK is still viewed as a repository for technical excellence the world over. Talks have begun about how we might be part of this, so watch this space.

Meanwhile other preparations are taking place.

We are about to receive copies of the 7000 inserts that are going to be in Water Active, one of the UK’s best read water industry publications. The inserts will be in the Water Active edition to be published in early May targeted specifically at those who may be visiting IWEX.

I will be finishing off loading up documents and literature for the IWEX web site early next week and planning the pre-show mail shot to let people know where we are going to be and what we are exhibiting.

Back next week.

UK Weekly News: Meet Mr. Merrick!

Dear reader,

my name is Mick Merrick and I am a specialist in supplying equipment to the UK Utilities Industries.

I am working with Trotec, to help them get a foothold into the UK market. I started this process last month and I am already making progress.

The Trotec Group is an internationally operating trade and service corporation. It has subsidiaries, regional and partner enterprises in over 15 countries of the world. Their business network spreads from Heinsberg, the headquarters near Dusseldorf in Germany, to several countries in Europe and as far as to Hong Kong. This is the latest branch of the Trotec Group, which was established in order to control market development and distribution activities in the Asian market. With its own seminars, research and development divisions and service points in Germany, Austria, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and China, the Trotec business is truly international.

Trotec had decided to expand its operations in the UK. I am leading that initiative and our first step has been to book space at the IWEX exhibition, part of Sustainability Live which takes place at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham between May 24th – 26th. We will be located on Stand A10 adjacent to the drilling and tapping competition.

Trotec will be launching a range of equipment at this prestigious trade show and I will be updating this BLOG on a regular basis.

For now, Auf Wiedersehen!

Cooking pasta and saving energy: A Test

Boiling water (and money) on the stove

On our German Facebook page, we just ran a little competition in which we asked our fans to post their best tips for saving energy. In the course of this contest, they shared a lot of useful advice and proved that there are quite some things you can do to save not only precious energy from being wasted, but also a nice amount of money from being spent in vain. A lot of useful, amusing and surprising tips were collected, but then a little dispute emerged between two of our fans. The point of issue was:

Is it energy-efficient to boil the water for pasta in an electric kettle before proceeding to cook the noodles on the stove?

The question is whether this really saves energy (because an electric boiler is not only faster, but also needs less energy) or maybe even consumes more (because two single appliances must be heated). Since we were the ones who had raised the question in the first place, we thought it is kind of our responsibility to clear up this confusion. Or maybe we were only looking for a good excuse to meet up with some colleagues for a little reunion outside the office… and after all, we at Trotec have the means to find the solution to this dilemma. That is, we have the right equipment: The BX 11 is a handy little device that allows you to measure the energy consumed by any electrical device you decide to plug in – and even gives you the exact amount of money spent. Read More