The NEW TTK 65 E dehumidifier – pleasantly discreet


What is so appealing about our new dehumidifier? First, its inconspicuousness thanks to its timeless design. Secondly, it has been fully equipped with all the usual functions of a comfort dehumidifier from our tried and tested TTK series. And thirdly, we are offering a cost saving of over 45 % – since if you order right away, you will benefit from our maintenance discount pending delivery in calendar week 50 and save another 10 euros!

With its reserved exterior, the all-round solid TTK 65 E dehumidifier looks good in virtually any living and working environment. At the same time, the device will win you over with its internal values, as it reliably keeps rooms up to 110 m³ in size dry with a daily dehumidification capacity of 20 litres. You can conveniently make all the adjustments needed for this on the especially clearly designed control panel. In addition, you also receive the current humidity values permanently displayed on its easily legible LED display.

How it works

Thanks to the humidity switch controlled automatic mechanism, your rooms virtually keep themselves dry. Of course the dehumidification can be carried out in permanent operation. No matter which mode you choose, the dehumidification capacity always adapts optimally to any space requirements thanks to the three-stage adjustable fan. Time-controlled deployment of the device is also possible with the timer function.

Trotec’s standard filter cleaning display is particularly convenient: here you will see automatically displayed when you should remove and clean the easy-to-reach and reusable air filter. The convenience is completed by the electronic defroster, a fill level warning light for when the water container is full, and an overfilling prevention function with automatic shut-off. In the event that regular manual emptying of the water container is not possible, perhaps during unsupervised drying in holiday homes, the TTK65 E has an integrated hose connection for the direct removal of condensation.

Four of the many advantages that I find particularly good:

  • the very clearly laid out, low maintenance control panel
  • the filter cleaning display
  • the LED display of the current air humidity in the room
  • the high air circulation

Take advantage of our attractive offer

Order the TTK 65 E today, reduced from £191.53 to just £102.60 inc. VAT. and only available until calendar week  50 – in the Trotec shop now!

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