Biological and valuable


When producing wood pellets, it is essential that the equipment and the storage containers are clean and dry. Because this is the only way the biological fuel is protected against damaging moisture form the outset. Guarantee your customers the best quality by using the high-performance TTR series adsorption dehumidifiers from Trotec. When working to protect your goods, these machines are durable, low-maintenance and flexible to configure. Professional technology for professional quality – from Trotec of course!

Biological and valuable

Renewable energies are the future. That’s why more and more building contractors and private construction companies are turning to regenerative forms of heating and the related technology. Pellet heating is the modern way to provide heating. Because it’s not just customers who benefit, but also the environment. The suppliers of this modern and efficient fuel therefore have a responsibility to produce and deliver high-quality combustible material. In the production of pellets, natural wood chips and cuttings are compressed under high pressures in machines – and without the addition of binding agents. Because the raw material is a waste product of the timbre-processing industry and it is thus biologically valuable as well as cheap, pellets enjoy an especially good reputation.

Careful drying even during production

To make sure the fuel is always effective and successful for the customer, it is absolutely necessary to ensure top quality during the production of pellets. What’s the use of the ingredients being pristine if the end product is mouldy and mildewed? Such a risk arises from the improper production and storage of the product, particularly if the environmental conditions are not right and the pellets absorb too much moisture. An additional danger from excessively high humidity arises when it comes to machinery: The equipment suffers enormously. It is not just that the machines are prone to corrosion. The pipes and devices can get clogged up when raw materials or even the finished pellets have absorbed moisture.  This can be prevented. Any producer who uses a high-performance dehumidifier for such a valuable product is erring on the side of caution. Guaranteed!

Automatic drying          

Provide your pellets with an optimal climate all the time. For such a task there are the stationary TTR adsorption driers from Trotec. With their internal heat recovery system they offer high load and performance capacities: from the reliable TTR 1000 adsorption dehumidifier, which gets through around 5.5 kg per hour, to the professional all-rounder TTR 9500, which boasts a dehumidification rate of 58 kg per hour. For changing usages, the mobile TTR adsorption dehumidifiers are on offer. Whichever model you choose, you can be sure of one thing. You will get top Trotec “Made in Germany” quality.

Short-term use? The TKL rental service can help!

Do you need reliable dehumidification performance for just a while? Then rent your mobile TTR adsorption dryer from the TKL rental service. Here you will find the best offers in various performance classes. You can count on it!

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