TDS 120 R electrical space heater – finally available again!

Professionals from the renovation and construction sectors value our most powerful model from the TDS-series for its economical heating of large building areas and faster drying of buildings. Unlike directly fired gas or oil space heaters, the TDS 120 R electrical space heater doesn’t consume oxygen nor does it generate combustion waste gases, and can therefore be used in closed interior rooms. The top model is now available again – as cheap as usual!

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NEW comfort dehumidifier TTK 53 E – is available for delivery today!


It’s finally here – the new dehumidifier TTK 53 E is ready for use and waiting to be delivered. With its deliberately functional design, the dehumidifier harmoniously complements almost all styles of interior design, while adding its own visual touches – the colour LED lights tell you at a glance what the air humidity levels in the room are. And the best bit: our pre-order is still valid until the end of CW 28. Read More

MCE 2016 in Milan – Trotec is flying a flag at the HVAC trade fair


It’s that time again: every two years the Mostra Convegno Expocomfort (MCE), the international exhibition for heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology, takes place in Milan. Around 2,000 exhibitors from 59 countries show their solutions at this highlight of the sector. Trotec is also presenting some of its innovations: from Qube, through the industrial VSC series videoscopes to humidifiers from the Value Protection Range – and that is by no means all! Read More

Biological and valuable


When producing wood pellets, it is essential that the equipment and the storage containers are clean and dry. Because this is the only way the biological fuel is protected against damaging moisture form the outset. Guarantee your customers the best quality by using the high-performance TTR series adsorption dehumidifiers from Trotec. When working to protect your goods, these machines are durable, low-maintenance and flexible to configure. Professional technology for professional quality – from Trotec of course!

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Exceptional service


To ensure there isn’t too much of a wait before someone can move into a house or flat after it has undergone a full renovation, and to keep the new tenants or owners happy, many estate agents now rely on the use of additional technology. The high-quality and effective dehumidifiers from Trotec accelerate the drying process of building materials. And following extensive renovation, rooms will be ready for their new occupants much sooner thanks to quick drying times for glues, paints and varnishes. Offer your customers this added convenience and spare yourself the long wait. A truly exceptional service!
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Preserving quality and aroma

DH Series

Raw tobacco, and in particular delicate oriental tobacco, is a sensitive and often very valuable commodity. Protecting it during transportation, and above all during storage, is therefore a top priority. The dried and fermented leaves must never be exposed to elevated air humidity levels, otherwise there is a risk of mould and mould stains. If the ambient air in the warehouse is too dry, the leaves will dry out and quickly loose their aroma. Give this delicate commodity the climate it needs to develop the best quality. The industrial dehumidifiers from Trotec’s DH series make it possible. Read More

Bring on the garden party


Having tents and gazebos is a huge benefit – they are always flexible. If you spontaneously choose to take off for the weekend, you have always got a roof over your head. And if you invite friends over to your garden in the spring or summer, a gazebo will always provide a sheltered area if it gets chilly in the evening or when rain clouds appear.

But being flexible means, in turn, taking good care of these temporary ceilings and walls. Once they have been cleaned – ideally with a high-pressure cleaner – tents and gazebos should be dried and carefully folded. When storing them in a basement or shed, use a dehumidifier to prevent mould and mildew from forming. The TTK-E-S series Compact Dehumidifiers from Trotec provide ideal protection for stored tents.

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NEW! The TTK 31 E dehumidifier – finally back in stock!

TTK 31 E Dehumidifier

Extremely compact and with an attractive design as well – no wonder the TTK 31 E was sold out at lightning speed! The little dehumidification wonder is unchanged and now back on our shelves. Not only its excellent design but also its technical features meet the highest demands. The TTK 33 E is ready when you are…

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Protective hoods for TTK dehumidifiers now more affordable!

Protection Cover

Whaat? You still don’t have protective hoods for your valuable TTK dehumidifiers? Hooow? They’ve been too expensive in the past? Though they’re now on ultra-special offer? Oh, you didn’t know about that?! Then it is high time for this blog – all about protective hoods for TTK dehumidifiers – take advantage of this special offer and upgrade …

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NEW TTK 171 ECO dehumidifier is available now – still on offer until Wednesday

TTK 171 ECO Dehumidifier

Two more good pieces of news for professionals and bargain hunters of the new commercial TTK 171 ECO dehumidifier. The first good new piece of news: it’s finally here – delivery available from today! And the second: we’re extending the offer – until the end of Wednesday you can order the unit! Now quickly to the facts and then… well, you know!

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