The perfectly adjusted climate


Optimal dehumidification is an absolute must in the paper industry. First of all, an excessive loss of moisture must be prevented once the paper has been dried so that the product does not become weakened and brittle. Secondly, the humidity in the surrounding air cannot be too high, especially when it comes to storing the paper. Otherwise mould stains and mildew formation pose a risk. In order to achieve the optimal air humidity level, manufacturers rely on the stationary TTR series stationary absorption dehumidifiers from Trotec.

The perfectly adjusted climate

As a producer of paper, you want to offer your customers absolute top quality. After all, paper is an important good – for book printers and newspaper presses for example. It is also pivotal in the production of packaging materials, documentation and even bank notes. Good professional instinct is therefore vital. Paper can be an especially delicate material. Its fine fibres react sensitively to both high and low humidity and therefore the highest level of precaution is needed from production onwards. High humidity can cause changes to the surface of the paper all too fast. This leads to deformations. If the paper is too moist, mould stains and mildew can also form. This can lead to entire production batches being ruined. A humidity level that’s too low can also cause serious problems. This is because the fibres can be dried out and they become weakened and brittle.

Not too dry, not too humid

A professional dehumidification system helps significantly in keeping the surrounding climate conditions stable. The stationary dehumidifiers of the TTR series from Trotec are the absolute professionals in this field. As early as the production phase, they ensure constant climate conditions. And they work to provide the best conditions in storage too. For protecting your valuable goods. This original Trotec production is durable and low-maintenance – and, most importantly, flexible when it comes to configuration. Exactly how you need it to be.

Top certainty for production and storage

The TTR absorption dehumidifiers guarantee you effective and continuous dehumidification at extremely high capacities. Even at low dew points. Trotec has a comprehensive range of optional extra equipment on offer so that you can adjust your dehumidifiers to the specific conditions of your production plant and store rooms.  This means you will be fully equipped for the best air conditioning. The TTR units are also highly economical in operation because of their internal heat recovery system. These models are, of course, especially robust and durable. That’s because you’ll have professional “Made in Germany” quality working for your business. A Trotec original too!

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Always there for for finding out what you need: Trotec Industry Service will help. Our industry experts will be happy to take on your project enquiries and to analyse equipment requirements with you on site so that you are provided with the best non-stop performance.

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