NEW TTV 68 E Dehumidifier – available for delivery today!


A few days ago, the TTK 68 E was still standing here on our show staircase – now our new gem is ready for delivery starting today. And the best bit is: Bargain shoppers still continue to benefit from our DEAL offer which expires October 11, but the device will be shipped immediately! That’s pure madness – you’d say here at Oktoberfest, but with us that’s simply: Trotec at work!

To all those who have already decided on the TTK 68 E with its special laundry dehumidification function, we heartily congratulate you once again on your correct decision: You have taken home a cutting-edge, top representative of innovative dehumidifier technology at an absolute bargain price – with a first-rate design!

You too can benefit from the advantages of the TTK 68 E

For those who are still undecided about our new dehumidifier – here, once again, are the arguments in favour of the TTK 68 E. Because behind its sharp exterior lies proven innovative Trotec technology:

  • The device keeps rooms up to 45 m² effortlessly dry at a daily dehumidification of 20 litres.
  • A special dehumidification function for drying clothes sucks moisture from wet laundry and wet carpets and carpeting faster.
  • The TTK 68 E has a humidistat-controlled dehumidification automatic mechanism that always ensures optimum humidity in an energy efficient manner.
  • Features such as operating time control of the dehumidifier via a timer, electronic automatic defrost the easily accessible and washable air filter, as well as the carrying handles and swivel castors, make the dehumidifier comfortable all around.
  • The integrated, external condensate drain allows for unattended continuous operation. Fill level indicator and overfill protection with auto shut-off are also included!

Take advantage of our DEAL offer, which expires October 11.

So why not order the TTK 68 E dehumidifier today, reduced from £ 208.77 to just £ 92.22 incl. VAT. – available now in our Trotec shop!

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