NEW TTK 69 E dehumidifier


Pure grandeur – the eloquently styled TTK 69 E dehumidifier brings class to any office or living room. Its top panel with piano finish look appeals not only to design enthusiasts, it will also please tech-savy pragmatists with its wide range of equipment features. And even as an economist you will get your money’s worth from this object for finer living – because if you order now, you can make a budget saving of an additional 10 euros until delivery in calendar week 49. Read More

NEW Infrared heating panels TIH 500 S and TIH 700 S

Infrared heating panel

The two new infrared heating panels TIH 500 S and TIH 700 S are our top recommendation for use when conventional heaters are simply at their limit, for rooms without heating that need warmth without expensive renovations or you want to provide some extra cosy warmth for your home in selected locations and at a low price.

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Warm and cosy – whenever you want!

Anyone who owns a holiday house, holiday apartment or cottage wants to spend their hours and days away from everyday life in peace and comfort. In the colder months of the year, this means the need for a reliable heating system to provide you with comfort and warmth whenever you are at your holiday home. As soon as you arrive, plug in your electric heating fan, start it up and in just a few minutes you can feel warm and cosy. This warm atmosphere is brought to you by the TDS series of electric fan heaters from Trotec. High-performance and top quality. You can count on it!

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NEW Air purifier and humidifier combination units


With the new AW 10 S and AW 20 S airwashers, Trotec not only ensures clean air, but also the right air humidity. This is especially important at this time of year because cold air can hold significantly less moisture – with a well-known result: Dried out mucous membranes increase the risk of colds and dry coughs.

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Caution, fine dust! Why only effective air cleaning helps

TAC 1500

Fine dust, which inevitably arises during internal construction in buildings, poses a considerable health risk to both inhabitants and workers alike. This is because if so-called respirable dust makes its way into the respiratory tract and lungs, it is enclosed by connective tissue, making it practically impossible for the particles to exit again. This is followed by chronic sicknesses for the persons affected, such as the much-feared silicosis.
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Always ready for action


Tanks, ammunition, helicopters, uniforms and a number of defence technology equipment must always be at hand and at the ready for the Bundeswehr. Only then will the troops be fully equipped for exercises and, of course, for deployment. But this equipment needs to be maintained. And this only works with optimum storage. The powerful DH series dehumidifiers by Trotec are ideally suited to avoid moisture related damage. For protection during continuous operation!

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NEW Dehumidifier TTK128 E – top dehumidifier at top conditions

TTK 128 E Dehumidifier

Isn’t that paradoxical? Our new top of the line TTK 128 E ensures exemplary dryness even in your very large residential and office spaces. At the same time, our Deal offer ensures that your budget stays exceptionally liquid. And that’s not a contradiction in terms, but the finest Trotec technology in visually flawless guise at the best possible conditions!

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Guide ‘Mobile winter heating’ 3/5 – electric heater

Electric heating

Why professionals from all industries swear by the electric heater.  Where its preferred area of application is. And why many of our electric heaters require no supply and exhaust air openings at all. Know-how that not everyone has – but which you – as an attentive reader of the third instalment of our how-to series, do have. Moreover, we present our professional electric heater series in more detail and explain how you can benefit from our offer even if you only have a temporary need.

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NEW TTV 68 E Dehumidifier – available for delivery today!


A few days ago, the TTK 68 E was still standing here on our show staircase – now our new gem is ready for delivery starting today. And the best bit is: Bargain shoppers still continue to benefit from our DEAL offer which expires October 11, but the device will be shipped immediately! That’s pure madness – you’d say here at Oktoberfest, but with us that’s simply: Trotec at work!

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Advisor “Winter Heating” 2/5 – Indirect Oil Heaters

mobile heaters

In the second part of our advisor series, we are focusing on mobile indirect oil heaters. We will find out how they are different to direct oil heaters and which intended purposes indirect models are best suited for in construction and agriculture. As market leader, we also offer you a comprehensive range of indirect heaters as heating solutions – with virtually any desired heating power and also for rental.

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