Good advice for “optimum financial appreciation”


Anyone who invests in a modern classic car now can already look forward to a favourable bonus in a few years. Not just because an investment in valuable objects is particularly beneficial with today´s interest rates. The feel good factor also increases when you invest your capital in a modern classic car. Stylish, elegant and sporty: This is how your provision for old age is looking. But be careful: The body work must be correctly protected and maintained. This is the only way to ensure that your “chrome baby” can considerably increase in value in the future. Trotec is the perfect partner to support the asset value for your vehicle. Trotec provides you with the latest state of the art technology for a perfect garage climate. The effective DH-VPR+ Generation with the innovative ThinC!-Climatic Management System works constantly against corrosion, rust, dust and annoying odours and exhaust gas. Read More

TTK 72 E comfort dehumidifier – finally back in stock!


If you have large residential or office spaces which need to be kept reliably dry, then you should take the time to have a closer look at our TTK 72 E dehumidifier – one of the best comfort solutions we have ever provided. The device’s feature-profile includes not only impressive capacity reserves for dehumidification but also the superior standards from the Home Comfort Series. The best feature: the integrated LED lights signal the current humidity status in the room.

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