Breathe easy in a modern home


Save energy and care for the environment: Home builders are setting a new trend with the construction of low-energy house and ultra-efficient passive houses. However, this clever and well-grounded concept, which uses highly efficient heat insulation and special integrated ventilation, presents a new risk: Extremely low humidity values are often prevalent in passive houses. In such cases, it is necessary to protect the inhabitants and the interior of such houses with additional technology. The Trotec Group has various humidifiers and airwashers on offer which solve the problems caused by excessively low humidity at the touch of a button. You just plug in, switch on, breathe deeply and feel great. With Trotec in your modern, energy-efficient house you can really live in comfort!

Breathe easy in a modern home

Have you already fulfilled your dream of owning your own house? Congratulations! You have taken one more step in arranging for your retirement and have your own home in which you can feel truly comfortable. If you had the house constructed with a low-energy or even ultra-efficient passive design, you have planned and provided for the long term when it comes to protecting the environment and saving energy. And what’s more: Your investment will soon pay off. With the special construction design of passive houses, the need for heating is reduced to a minimum. How does that work? The principle is simple!

Packed up perfectly and special ventilation

Passive houses are built with extremely efficient heat insulation and therefore do not require conventional heating. The insulation, which includes triple-glazing windows and special window and door frames, is so free of heat bridges that no energy can escape. A geothermal heat exchanger is installed underneath the basement and fresh air is channelled into the house through it. Simultaneously, air is transported out of the house, also flowing via the heat exchanger. However, here is the crux of the matter:  The air is preheated by this special home heating system. While this ensures that the air in the rooms is changed regularly, the air humidity is also extremely low as a result. Much too low to be right.

Protect your health

Irritated eyes, itching, dried-out mucous membranes and healththreatening viruses which can spread fast: These are some of the results of excessively dry air in rooms. People who live in low-energy and passive houses often have to deal with these problems. However, regular airing out of the rooms to provide them with fresher and more humid air is out of the question with these special buildings. And what’s more: Hanging out damp towels and furnishing the rooms with plants does not generally have the desired level of success. There is only one solution: Professional technology is what’s needed. And this is what the Trotec Group offers you with its effective humidifiers and airwashers. These professional devices provide you with the humidity that you need for your health and comfort. Quick and problem-free – at the touch of a button!

Fresh and clean air

It’s that easy: Place the mobile evaporation humidifier from Trotec in the ground floor of your house and let it get to work for the benefit of your health. For a start, the room air is enriched to achieve the desired humidity level. Simultaneously, the air is filtered, ridding it of unpleasant odours and floating particles. You do not have to do anything other than sit back and breathe deeply. That’s because the hygrostat-controlled humidifier adjusts operations automatically. All Trotec humidifier models work according to the evaporation principle. This means virtually no limescale deposits or condensate build-ups. Furthermore, you do not need to worry about the device overshooting its mark and mould formation, for example. That’s because over-humidification is impossible with these models. The B 400 humidifier is a particular treasure amongst the Trotec humidifiers. It not only scores points with its high humidification capacity – a real advantage for any passive house – it is also equipped with the most modern technology which adjusts the fan and the humidification level to each other.

Care for all the senses

The high-performance and beautifully formed airwashers from Trotec’s AW S series also offer the inhabitants of passive homes top house quality within a few minutes. The models provide pleasant and healthy humidity and also clean the air. These high-performance and reliable models get to work and even filter dirt particles like pollen, animal hairs and dust out of the room air. The AW 20 S is a real air-cleaning expert and even provides additional comprehensive HEPA filtering to the humidified air.

The benefits of the B 400 humidifier

  • Clear control panel with hygrostat and fan regulator plus status displays
  • Rotating evaporation fleece cleans and washes the air
  • Fan with two settings
  • Automatic shut-down
  • Adjustable outlet grille
  • Robust construction made from powder-coated sheet steel
  • Optimal air circulation through integrated wall spacers

Benefits of the AW 10 S and AW 20 S:

  • 3-in-1 combined device with odour removal, air cleaning and humidification
  • The display of the relative air humidity
  • Plasma generator for eliminating odours and harmful substances in the air in the room
  • Various operating modes plus whisper-quiet Night Mode
  • A large water reserve (9 litres) for long applications without servicing
  • Just need tap water (not expensive, distilled water)
  • Variable fan control for adjusting to the room as needed

Other benefits that the AW 20 S offers:

  • Intelligent combined sensor for measuring humidity and air quality at the same time allows for energy-saving automatic operation
  • Can be used for cleaning air and eliminating odours all year round thanks to separate humidification and plasma functions that can be switched on and off
  • The replaceable prefilter reliably frees the air of coarse house dust or animal hairs
  • HEPA filter function can be activated for maximum air cleaning efficiency: The HEPA filter filters out fine particles like pollen, mite excrement, fungal spores, dust and fine dust
  • 3-stage light signal displays the air quality in the room (Blue, Yellow, Red)

The B 25 E is the ideal humidifier for anyone with an eye for great design and who wants to add a new highlight to small rooms. It works using a honeycomb filter. The dry air is drawn through this filter where it is enriched with moisture and then released back into the room as humid air at one of four selectable fan levels. Because babies and children are very sensitive to dry air (as their skin and noses dry out more quickly and their airways are more vulnerable), our new humidifier ensures that they can breathe easily. It keeps rooms of up to 24 m² at the optimal humidity level.

To ensure you enjoy perfect comfort, the humidifier releases a scent of your choosing using its scent oil container. Your home will therefore always smell fresh and inviting and will have right atmosphere for your well-being. As the ethereal oils do not have to be added directly to the water, but are instead put into the scent oil container, clogging of the filter is prevented. This humidifier is ideal in either the bedroom or the children’s room as well as it does not disrupt your sleep thanks to its night mode with dimmable LEDs.

The best selection: the Trotec online shop!

Order conveniently whenever you want. In the Trotec online shop, the B 400 humidifier is currently available for £137.61 instead of £305.84. There is also a great offer from Trotec for the AW 20 S airwasher. It is currently available for £305.84. The design humidifier B 25 E is currently available for an introductory price of just £37.65 for a limited time only.

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