TTK 69 E Design dehumidifier available again, right on time – including Trotec function of unbeatable prices!

Heats in good time before the moisture content in your rooms gets too high due to the damp weather in autumn. As moisture dissipates poorly, in the worst case condensing on cold walls – often causing mould to form. This can pose a serious health risk which you can quite literally nip in the bud with the TTK 69 E dehumidifier, which is finally available again. It will keep your heated rooms dry at all times and makes sure mould doesn’t stand a chance.

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Trotec adviser: Tips against dry air – and for optimum room air humidity

More and more people suffer from breathing difficulties in winter because the mucous membrane becomes dry in their respiratory tract. The reason for this lies in home heating: although it keeps us nice and warm inside our own four walls, it also entails unhealthily dry air.  But we can help protect our mucous membrane as prevention against against allergies and annoying colds with optimum room air humidification. Our professional tips will help you avoid spending the next few months in too dry a room.

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A skiing getaway without the stench – eliminating odours in the ski store


Ahhh… Fresh mountain air. Eugh! Unhealthy, smelly air in the ski equipment store and changing area. Managers of skiing and hiking cabins or ski rental shops are familiar with the problem: Damp footwear, sweaty sports clothing and slush carried in on people’s boots create unpleasant odours while warm and humid conditions produce bacteria and mould. This is where our specialised products come into their own – and ensure a pleasant and comfortable climate even in the ski store.

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TTK 72 E comfort dehumidifier – finally back in stock!


If you have large residential or office spaces which need to be kept reliably dry, then you should take the time to have a closer look at our TTK 72 E dehumidifier – one of the best comfort solutions we have ever provided. The device’s feature-profile includes not only impressive capacity reserves for dehumidification but also the superior standards from the Home Comfort Series. The best feature: the integrated LED lights signal the current humidity status in the room.

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Poor air quality and dry air are a health hazard


Dry air in a room is referred to as when the air does not have enough moisture. Sure, people and animals breathe out moisture into the air and plants also create a valuable regulating factor; however the dry heating air in winter directly causes humidity levels to become too low. This situation then creates threatening health risks such as respiratory problems, runny eyes as well as making it difficult to concentrate and the risk of infections also increases.

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TTK 71 E dehumidifier – finally back in stock

TTK 71 E Dehumidifier

Sold out. Back in stock. Sold out again. And finally back again! The TTK 71 E dehumidifier impresses our customers time and time again thanks to its
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“Bad air leads to sickness” – humidity and temperature

Bad air Health problems can be caused by the wrong room humidity, both if it’s too high and if it’s too low. Do you keep catching colds? Are you experiencing difficulties breathing? Or are the windows in your room often fogged up with condensate trickling down in drops? If you have already noticed these alarm indicators, you should now be regularly measuring the moisture level in the air because optimal humidity contributes immensely to our well-being. Read More