TTK 72 E comfort dehumidifier – finally back in stock!


If you have large residential or office spaces which need to be kept reliably dry, then you should take the time to have a closer look at our TTK 72 E dehumidifier – one of the best comfort solutions we have ever provided. The device’s feature-profile includes not only impressive capacity reserves for dehumidification but also the superior standards from the Home Comfort Series. The best feature: the integrated LED lights signal the current humidity status in the room.

The TTK 72 E is as of now finally back in stock after quickly selling out following on from its initial market launch. As no-one is able to predict the current demand, don’t delay in placing your order – assuming, of course, that the device’s benefits have impressed you: The TTK 72 E dehumidifier

  • is the perfect partner when optimum dryness is the objective in large residential and office spaces. The device can collect up to 24 litres of condensate humidity in rooms of up to 50 m² in 24 hours.
  • signals for you whether the humidity is either too low, exactly right or too high by utilising three coloured LEDs.
  1. Blue LED – The humidity in the room is below 55 %.
  2. Green LED – The humidity is fluctuating in the optimum range between 55 – 70 %.
  3. Red LED – The humidity in the room has increased to above 70 %.
  • gives you the freedom to choose between various dehumidification modes. The membrane keys on the user-friendly operating panel, including the digital display, enable you to select between the automatic mode with a pre-set humidity of 55 %, the hydrostatic automatic dehumidification with a pre-selected target value between 30 and 80 % regulated in 5 % increments, the continuous mode as well as the ventilation function.
  • includes all of the high-standard features of the Home Comfort Series in its feature profile. These include, for example, the very handy laundry drying and timer functions, a fill-level warning light when the water tank is full as well as overfill-protection with automatic shut down. The integrated, washable air filter provides additional air cleaning by extracting dust and animal hairs and the drainage port, which is essential for continuous operation when left unattended, completes the extensive list of features.

The TTK 72 E dehumidifier– brilliantly easy to operate and at an unbeatable price!

Don’t wait too long to before deciding: Place an order for the TTK 72 E Comfort Dehumidifier today and take advantage of the current unbeatable price of just £153.56 incl. VAT, reduced from £261.98 – now in the Trotec shop!

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