NEW TFC 1 E / 2 E wall socket fan heaters– Warmth at home and on the go!

Barely bigger than your hand and extremely light too – the new TFC 1 E / 2 E wall socket heating systems are ingenious and indispensable heat sources both at home and on the road. With these mobile fan heaters in your case, cold feet are a thing of the past, even on an Alpine winter holiday. And since the ceramic fan heaters are plugged directly into a wall socket, they barely take up any space even when in use. Best of all, this saves you the common problem of wires at home and especially when you’re on the go!

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NEW TFH 19 E Fan Heater – Horizontal and vertical heat!

Whether at home, at the office or in the workshop; whether at market stalls, in conservatories or caravans – there is always space for our new TFH 19 E fan heater to provide cosy warmth. Because it is possible to position this attractive and affordable fan heater both vertically and horizontally, it performs its best in any location and can therefore easily be used anywhere with a plug socket nearby.

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TDS 100 ELECTRIC FAN HEATER – back in stock!

Our warmest recommendation for big heating jobs – the TDS 100 electric fan heater is finally available again. The impressive professional solution is 100% Trotec in development, design and production and unites solid engineering in a budget-optimised solution focussing on principally longer stationary heating applications. The powerful electric heater is especially suitable for professional heating of workshops, large warehouses and production halls due to its convenient spare capacity.

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TDS 10 Electric-powered fan – finally back in stock and available for delivery!


Robust technology packaged in a budget-optimised solution – the benefits which impress with the TDS 10 Electric-powered fan. As the heater neither consumes oxygen, when compared to directly fired gas or oil heating devices, nor generates combustion exhaust gas, it is therefore ideal for temperature control for unheated internal rooms and spaces like on-site trailers, site huts and workshops or smaller cellars and storage rooms. It is therefore about time that this little “firebrand” is once again available and ready for immediate delivery.

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DIY jobs


Bad weather can spoil the fun for hobby mechanics and DIY enthusiasts. When temperatures are low, it is not much fun carrying out repairs or working on equipment or spare parts in the garage or work space, because it is cold and uncomfortable. And with cold fingers it is hard work to with your hands. So that you can pursue your passion or carry out necessary maintenance work you should be able to warm up at the touch of a button. Trotec’s electric fan heaters from the TDS-Series are robust, powerful and reliable.

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NEW TDS 120 electric heater – with 20 kW super heating power


The new TDS 120 is the undisputed No. 1 amongst Trotec’s TDS range of electric fan heaters. This is attested to by its heating power of 30 kW and a maximum heating output of 25,795 kcal/hour. As it is possible to mount the heater on walls or ceilings, this model has a huge number of possible areas of application – for example, for heating construction containers, market stands, greenhouses, boathouses or during installation works…

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TDS 10 M Electric heater – makes sure of warm feet when barbecuing!

TDS 10 M Ceramic Fan Heater

Spring is is in the air a little more every day and barbecues are are already being fired up here and there. While the outdoor burgers are being being cooked to perfection on the grill, people are still occasionally warming their hands from the barbecue fire. Caution is advised! If the weather suddenly takes a cold turn, anyone not taking care of themselves can end up with a heavy cold. That’s where the precaution we’re offering comes in – the TDS 10 M. It keeps even your feet nice and warm at the table!

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Catering for sports


Even with a well functioning heating system, sports hall and event venue operators should be prepared for all eventualities. When only a section of a hall is rented out or the heating system suddenly breaks down, you should be able to act quickly. For situations like these, it’s worth setting up a small extra heating area.

When needed, mobile heating devices can be put in place and heat up a section of the hall in a jiffy. The TEH-series of electrical heaters from Trotec are reliable partners for this task.

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More than just hot air

Electric fan heater

Your guests should feel well – whether couples, families, entire school classes or hiking groups. That is your number one motto as a provider of holiday homes and cottages.

As long as the weather does its job, the comfortable conditions of the rooms don’t need to be discussed. But as soon as temperatures drop, all these accommodations have to be heated – even only for the short term in some cases. To make sure you are always prepared, all holiday facilities should have a mobile heating equipment that can be accessed at all times. Trotec’s TDS series of electric fan heaters are always ready to make your guests feel comfortable. Read More

Two frequently asked questions about electric heaters from the TDS range

Electric Heaters

This question about the TDS electric heaters often has our customers reaching for the telephone in the cold winter months: “Why doesn’t the air blowing out of the heater feel hot?” and they are frequently worried by this second question: “What actually is the difference between the square and round heaters if the performance specifications are exactly the same?” Of course, straight away: here are the ultimate answers…

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