B 24 E / B 25 E design humidifiers – bring out the main points in the trend colours “champagne” and “oyster white”!

A pleasant indoor climate full of freshness – and pleasing to the eye as well. That’s because the B 24 E humidifier adds a stylish touch to your home and office in the new and trendy “champagne” colour variant. And the identically constructed B 25 E, with its high-quality, elegant design in “oyster white”, also adds its own effective highlight to your indoor furnishings. Both ensure a pleasant indoor climate by humidifying the room air to the ideal temperature levels for your comfort fully automatically and through natural evaporation.

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3-In-1 comfort devices for air washing – provides optimal defence against colds

Want to feel more fit during the day? Sleep better at night? And above all – get sick less often? Then protect yourself and your family from colds and the flu by eliminating bacteria and pathogens as well as pollen, dust, animal fur and odours from the air you breathe. With our AW 10 S and AW 20 S air washers, you strengthen your immune system in your sleep, because the 3-in-1 comfort devices wash and humidify the air and reduce bothersome odours.

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Poor air quality and dry air are a health hazard


Dry air in a room is referred to as when the air does not have enough moisture. Sure, people and animals breathe out moisture into the air and plants also create a valuable regulating factor; however the dry heating air in winter directly causes humidity levels to become too low. This situation then creates threatening health risks such as respiratory problems, runny eyes as well as making it difficult to concentrate and the risk of infections also increases.

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Improved performance and protection


Any company connected to a data centre depends on smoothly functioning technology. This does not just mean that connections must be uninterrupted. The IT equipment, too, has to be in perfect condition. To ensure this is the case, server rooms need top quality climate control, especially if the air is extremely dry. In particular, for the operator, this means that the air humidity needs to remain constant. With Trotec’s humidifiers you will keep the air in your server rooms adequately moist, so that dust and static electricity have very little opportunity to interfere with the equipment. If things need to run smoothly in data centres and server rooms, and over long periods of time, Trotec will be your dependable partner.

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Optimal protection – best product


Companies that produce veneer, as well as workshops that process veneer, absolutely have to ensure that this sensitive product is stored correctly. If sheets of veneer are stored in too humid conditions, they become uneven and can develop foxing stains or even go mouldy. In storerooms with air that is too dry, the veneer panels can quickly become brittle and cracked and deform. Experts recommend a temperature of 15 to 18 °C and an air humidity between 65 and 75 per cent. This is the only way to ensure that the sensitive products remain protected and reach the customer in the best possible condition. With support from technology from Trotec you can create the optimal storage conditions for veneers. The powerful humidifiers from Trotec provide reliable humidification in large halls. The compact Trotec airwashers are best suited to protecting smaller inventories. And what’s more: The employees also benefit from both series. Because all models also clean the air.

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NEW B 25 E design humidifier – finally available!


Right in time for Christmas, give a treat to your loved one or yourself, or simply start the new year in even more comfort – our new B 25 E humidifier is available now! Everything about this device is simply stylish – starting with the design, through advanced technology, to the sensational deal with a saving of over 33 %. Read More

Breathe easy in a modern home


Save energy and care for the environment: Home builders are setting a new trend with the construction of low-energy house and ultra-efficient passive houses. However, this clever and well-grounded concept, which uses highly efficient heat insulation and special integrated ventilation, presents a new risk: Extremely low humidity values are often prevalent in passive houses. In such cases, it is necessary to protect the inhabitants and the interior of such houses with additional technology. The Trotec Group has various humidifiers and airwashers on offer which solve the problems caused by excessively low humidity at the touch of a button. You just plug in, switch on, breathe deeply and feel great. With Trotec in your modern, energy-efficient house you can really live in comfort!

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The B 400 humidifier – finally back in stock!


Ho-ho-ho! – the B 400 humidifier was sold out for a while but now it is back and ready to go. This model proves convincing with both its economical continuous operation and its considerable evaporation output: the device reliably humidifies even large rooms and with a low level of energy consumption. What’s more, the humidifier looks great even in tough environments thanks to its robust construction made of powder-coated sheet steel. Read More

NEW B 25 E design humidifier – the optimal stylish solution

b25eOur new B 25 E humidifier proves convincing both on the inside with modern humidification technology and on the outside with a perfectly formed design. And the terms of today’s DEAL offer are just as appealing as this this device’s appearance: We are offering a cost saving of over 45 % – since if you order right away, you will benefit from our maintenance discount up until delivery in calendar week 51 and save an extra 10 euros! Read More

Good sound requires proper care


Music instruments that are completely or partly produced from wood react to the humidity in the air. Stringed instruments, pianos, guitars and similar items suffer in particular, when the surrounding air is dry. They become warped and are rendered brittle and fragile. This is because the moisture is drained from the wood. Are you a lover of musical instruments? Or are you responsible for managing an entire storage room of instruments and maintaining them? Then protect your valuable items by providing them with the environmental conditions that they need – with the evaporation humidifiers from Trotec.

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