The NEWTCH 2000 E convector – stylish heating unitfor clean warmth

tro_blog_tch_2000_e_banner_enOur new heater is highly elegant and eye-catching. It not only looks great but is also highly practical for heating purposes. The stylish TCH 2000 E convection heateris the ideal heating solution if you are looking for quick, easy and clean heating in your rooms, and is at the same time aesthetically appealing.

The TCH 2000 E operates with the effect of all-over convective heat – that means both clean and odourless heating.  Its possible uses are almost unlimited – as a quick replacement when the central heating gives out, for example, as a reliable transitional heater before the beginning of the heating period or for the heating up of rooms which aren’t connected to the central heating. The operation of its up to 2000 W heating capacity merely requires a plug socket.

The stylishly designed front surface of our new convector consists of white safety glass – immune to scratches and especially easy to clean. The high-quality unit is very easy to operate thanks to its thermostat-controlled automatic operation: Choose your desired target temperature between 15 and 50 °C on the integrated touch panel under the large back-lit LCD display. As soon as the pre-set temperature is reached, the energy efficient thermostat control reduces the output and automatically keeps this temperature. In this power-saving mode, only the amount of energy needed is actually used.

This is how it works

The TCH 2000 E’s heating capacity can be adjusted to your seasonal heating needs respectively by means of the two-setting power control. Likewise, you can program your individual heating times via the 24-hour timer clock. A frost guard function prevents the complete cooling of rooms during holidays or long absences. What’s more, the convector has a reliable overheating protection system. In addition to the touch display, all functions and settings can also be comfortably controlled via the remote control included with delivery.

The TCH 2000 E convector can be flexibly positioned using its foot stands. Alternatively, wall installation is possible and the adequate installation material is included in the scope of delivery. Carry handles and a practical cable rewind allow you to comfortably switch between various operating locations and enable problem-free seasonal storage.

Four of the numerous advantages that I particularly like:

  • up to a 2000 W thermal output for clean, condensation-free and odourless heating
  • continuous thermostat control
  • the 2 heat settings (1000 W / 2000 W)
  • the thermostat controlled automatic operation

The TCH 2000 E convector – classy. Elegant. Affordable.

Order the new TCH 2000 E convector today, reduced from £97.32 to just  £70.77 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec shop!

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