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Anyone who invests in a modern classic car now can already look forward to a favourable bonus in a few years. Not just because an investment in valuable objects is particularly beneficial with today´s interest rates. The feel good factor also increases when you invest your capital in a modern classic car. Stylish, elegant and sporty: This is how your provision for old age is looking. But be careful: The body work must be correctly protected and maintained. This is the only way to ensure that your “chrome baby” can considerably increase in value in the future. Trotec is the perfect partner to support the asset value for your vehicle. Trotec provides you with the latest state of the art technology for a perfect garage climate. The effective DH-VPR+ Generation with the innovative ThinC!-Climatic Management System works constantly against corrosion, rust, dust and annoying odours and exhaust gas.

Many investors have had to learn during the recent financial crisis that their financial assets are not always secure at the bank. Especially now, when the interest rate is really low, an investment in property or valuable objects is particularly advantageous and also guarantees considerably more security. Why not invest in a modern, classic car? In the case of the elegant, sporty body work with a modern classic car, there is not just a substantial capital increase, but rather also a large amount of fun to be had.

There are a large range of modern classic vehicles which will be very valuable in years to come. These vehicles do not always have to be a Ferrari or a Rolls-Royce. However, irrespective of which vehicle you choose, one thing must always be considered. Every modern car must be correctly stored, cared for and maintained perfectly. This is the only way to guarantee your investment.

The perfect garage climate for your financial asset

It is your responsibility to make sure that your modern, classic car increases in value over the years and does not drop in price. Only you can ensure the perfect storage conditions. Trotec can support you with this task: effectively and professionally. The keyword here is: DH-VPR+ with intelligent ThinC! Climate technology.

These innovative devices with the Trotec ThinC! Climatic Management System guarantee a constant, perfect garage climate. Irrespective of which type of garage you have and which modern classic car you want to store there. The cutting-edge DH-VPR+-Models operate effectively and reliably so that your car remains in the best possible condition.

Reliable clean air and protection from moisture

Humidity, exhaust gas and damp are just a few of the things that can’t harm your investment objects when you rely on the DH-VPR+ Models. The ThinC! Climatic Management Systems are equipped with effective air cleaning and filter modules to ensure that the air in the garage is clean of pollutants and aggravating materials, as well as being reliably dehumidified. You are also provided with a top-class, hot-gas defrosting industrial-standard dehumidifier, coupled with a high-performance NTP air cleaning unit. The benefits for you: no more worries about corrosion, mould build-up and porosity as well as a simultaneously comfortable, irritant-free environment, free of odours carried in the air and free from material-damaging micro-organisms. And, what’s more, there is also the special two-component filter for dust and soot to boot.

Simply press a button to guarantee optimum garage climatic conditions. Simplified operation for the model and an intelligent regulating control for the humidification is of course provided. You can therefore sit back and simply concentrate on how your asset value increases as well as enjoying being a modern, classic car owner.

The advantages of DH-VPR+ with ThinC! Climatic Management System

  • One of a kind: Active climatic management with 4-in-1 protection function against humidity, odours, air pollutants and dust
  • Professional “Made in Germany” quality – originally produced by Trotec
  • Specially designed for preserving the value of expensive exhibits, objects and possessions
  • Perfect dehumidification performance even at low temperatures above 0 °C
  • Two-component filter for dust and soot – specifically in garages
  • Air filter for dust and air cleaning of pollen and allergens
  • High-quality industrial ioniser for effective odour neutralisation
  • Corrosion-resistant design
  • Hygrostatically controlled automatic operation
  • Efficient hot gas defrosting system
  • Integrated condensate pump
  • Also available in any colour and material on request

Order quickly and simply online

Guaranteed value preservation and clean air for increasing the investment value for your modern classic vehicle: The cutting-edge technology in the DH Humidifiers in the VPR+ Series is available in various designs – depending on the requirement and demands. The DH 15 VPR+ air dehumidifier with a maximum dehumidification performance of around 22 litres a day is available from £2,875.50 incl. VAT in the Trotec online shop. The DH 30 VPR+ air dehumidifier with a maximum dehumidification capacity of approximately 52 litres per day is already available in the Trotec online shop for £3,729.09 incl. VAT. You will also find the offer for the DH 60 VPR+ air dehumidifier (104 litres a day) for £4,796.07 incl. VAT in our online shop.

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