NEW Frost monitor TCH 1 E with clean, condensation-free, odourless heat

Now the old felt slippers, extra thick wool socks and scratchy blankets can be put back in the closet: The quick-heater TCH 1 E is finally available – and already on its way to our customers! For example as an additional source of heat for cold days or as a perfect heating solution in rooms that are not used very often. If you would like to have it cosy and warm in your house as well, place your order right away. We can only deliver as long as stocks last.

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Convector TCH 1 E – brings clean, condensation-free and odourless heating into small rooms

Hobby workshop, bathroom or caravan – small rooms like these are just right for the compact TCH 1 E rapid heater. This is because the heater impresses as a good looking and thrifty device as an additional source of heat on cold days or as the sole heating solution in rarely used rooms. The convector can also be used unattended as a frost guard. Thanks to its thermostat control, it protects water pipes from freezing up.

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Converter TCH 22 E – finally available for delivery again!

What is the secret to the success of our most popular electric heater, the Convector TCH 22 E? January 2016 – we first introduce the TCH 22 E. And before we knew it: sold out! May 2016 – the small direct heater is back – but not for long: sold out! A new run last November – within days: sold out! In December: sold out! Is it because of the innovative convection heating? The easy handling? The unbeatably good value? The three heating settings? The thermal control? The …

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Convector TCH 20 E – back in stock!

Our solid direct heating device for clean heating as a temporary and supplementary solution, the convector TCH 20 E, sold out very quickly due to its sensationally low price. With the elegant device you can heat independently of oil or gas prices, since all you need to operate the electric heater is a power socket. Just as the year begins, the TCH 20 E is now back in stock – because who wants to sit around with cold feet in the new year?

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TCH 22 E Convector – it’s back!

Our TCH 22 E Convector can heat small to medium-sized rooms in no time with a “flying start” thanks to its connectible turbo-fan. This, along with its stylish appearance, comfortable handling and unbeatable price, got around so fast that the sturdy direct heater was sold out overnight. That is: Until yesterday – because the perfect transition or auxiliary heating solution TCH 22 is now available once again!

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The NEWTCH 2000 E convector – stylish heating unitfor clean warmth

tro_blog_tch_2000_e_banner_enOur new heater is highly elegant and eye-catching. It not only looks great but is also highly practical for heating purposes. The stylish TCH 2000 E convection heateris the ideal heating solution if you are looking for quick, easy and clean heating in your rooms, and is at the same time aesthetically appealing.

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TCH 20 E and 22 E Convectors – they’re finally back!


No need to freeze any more – at least not in your own home: There are elegant solutions precisely for this from Trotec, like our TCH 20 E and TCH 22 E convection heaters, for example, which are finally available again. These small electric heaters are an optimal heating solution and simply ideal as a temporary or supplementary heater. This is because both devices guarantee quick, cosy warmth, are blissfully convenient to operate and purchasing them is super affordable.

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Find the right auxiliary heater for your home


People looking for affordable auxiliary heating often struggle with the decision: From flexible quartz radiators to smart ceramic fan heaters, from halogen heaters to cheap convection heating – it is easy to get lost among this huge selection. We would like to shed some light by giving you a brief introduction to the individual heat providers…

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TCH 20 E and 22 E Convectors – they’re back!


Anyone looking for a supplementary heating system with fast-acting, uncomplicated and clean heating should act now. Our new convector heaters TCH 20 E and TCH 22 E – sold out in a heartbeat after their release – are now available again. It couldn’t be easier: Simply plug the convector heater into the nearest power socket, set the desired thermal output and off you go!

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Direct heaters compared – Convection vs. infrared heaters!


There you are pleased as Punch about the mild winter and then it turns freezing cold after all. Not a problem when you have additional electric heating at home to raise the room temperature a bit. With our convection and infrared heaters Trotec has two heating systems on offer and your individual circumstances will determine which one is the most suitable for you. Therefore, here we offer you a tough but fair comparison of both of our systems!

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