Trotec adviser: Tips against dry air – and for optimum room air humidity

More and more people suffer from breathing difficulties in winter because the mucous membrane becomes dry in their respiratory tract. The reason for this lies in home heating: although it keeps us nice and warm inside our own four walls, it also entails unhealthily dry air.  But we can help protect our mucous membrane as prevention against against allergies and annoying colds with optimum room air humidification. Our professional tips will help you avoid spending the next few months in too dry a room.

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A skiing getaway without the stench – eliminating odours in the ski store


Ahhh… Fresh mountain air. Eugh! Unhealthy, smelly air in the ski equipment store and changing area. Managers of skiing and hiking cabins or ski rental shops are familiar with the problem: Damp footwear, sweaty sports clothing and slush carried in on people’s boots create unpleasant odours while warm and humid conditions produce bacteria and mould. This is where our specialised products come into their own – and ensure a pleasant and comfortable climate even in the ski store.

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Poor air quality and dry air are a health hazard


Dry air in a room is referred to as when the air does not have enough moisture. Sure, people and animals breathe out moisture into the air and plants also create a valuable regulating factor; however the dry heating air in winter directly causes humidity levels to become too low. This situation then creates threatening health risks such as respiratory problems, runny eyes as well as making it difficult to concentrate and the risk of infections also increases.

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Fresh fruit – pure and simple


Fruits and vegetables always have to be fresh and crisp. When these healthy items are displayed in a store, the indirect moisture generated by a humidifier ensures particularly long-lasting freshness and a glossy appearance of the product. Customers like that. But the distributor should also care for the condition of the humidifying devices themselves. Freshness should be top priority here as well. That is why we recommend using SecoSan. With just one Trotec SecoSan Stick, the water in the tank of the humidifier stays clean and clear for a long time. And the device provides only the healthiest moisture for your fruits and vegetables. Practical, right?

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Freshness for fireplace fans


Those who love cosy heat and a crackling fire know how to enjoy life. But fireplace fans also love freshness and healthy air at home. And that is hard to come by, especially if the fireplace is lit particularly often during the cold months. To protect wooden furniture from drying out and prevent negative impacts on health resulting from dry ambient air, you probably use a humidifier. That is good! But think about the health of your device too. The only way to ensure the technology lasts a long time is to make sure the humidifier tank is always filled with fresh, clear water. With SecoSan Stick from Trotec, care and maintenance is very easy. And you can breath deep and easy and enjoy the cosy fireplace atmosphere. Thanks SecoSan!

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Children stay fit throughout the day


Stuffy and dry air is especially hard on little lungs. When the air is too dry in kindergartens and schools this can trigger dry coughs and increase the spread of bacteria and disease. That’s why classrooms and any adjoining rooms and playrooms are equipped with humidifiers especially in cold weather when the radiators are turned up. This lets the children breathe free and improves their concentration too. To let the humidifiers really emit only the purest, soothing humidity, simply insert a SecoSan stick by Trotec into the water tank. The capsule will keep the water fresh and clean for months. Any harmful deposits and bacterial buildup that get into the air are now eliminated. Guaranteed!

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Breathe healthily, please!


Anyone who braces themself against warm dry air in winter with a humidifier is a smart person. But mind out, things can get even smarter still. You can give the water in the tank of your humidifier a purity guarantee – with a SecoSan Stick from Trotec. The capsules work effectively to prevent residue, germs and bacteria. And they do this for months without needing to be replaced. This means you are breathing in not just pleasantly moist air, but also absolutely pure air. In addition the persistently clean water with no lime and no biological growth protects the high-quality technology in your device. SecoSan, pretty smart. For pure health and the value preservation of the humidifier. Read More

For a healthy working climate


Especially in open-plan offices the climate has to be right: The working climate as well as the room climate. It is made clear time and again in works councils’ reports and in accounts from individual employees that both working climate and room climate are inextricably linked. Especially at cold times of year when the heating is on and dry air pervades open-plan offices, the mood and motivation levels of employees, that work all day in offices and call centres, begin to suffer. Illnesses and dwindling motivation, brought on by dry air, can easily be put a stop to – with purpose-made humidification!  With Trotec’s humidifiers and air washers you can create a great climate in the office and call centres at the touch of a button, so that employees can breathe easily again and concentrate on their work. What’s more, the number of sick days will increasingly be reduced.

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Improved performance and protection


Any company connected to a data centre depends on smoothly functioning technology. This does not just mean that connections must be uninterrupted. The IT equipment, too, has to be in perfect condition. To ensure this is the case, server rooms need top quality climate control, especially if the air is extremely dry. In particular, for the operator, this means that the air humidity needs to remain constant. With Trotec’s humidifiers you will keep the air in your server rooms adequately moist, so that dust and static electricity have very little opportunity to interfere with the equipment. If things need to run smoothly in data centres and server rooms, and over long periods of time, Trotec will be your dependable partner.

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Optimal protection – best product


Companies that produce veneer, as well as workshops that process veneer, absolutely have to ensure that this sensitive product is stored correctly. If sheets of veneer are stored in too humid conditions, they become uneven and can develop foxing stains or even go mouldy. In storerooms with air that is too dry, the veneer panels can quickly become brittle and cracked and deform. Experts recommend a temperature of 15 to 18 °C and an air humidity between 65 and 75 per cent. This is the only way to ensure that the sensitive products remain protected and reach the customer in the best possible condition. With support from technology from Trotec you can create the optimal storage conditions for veneers. The powerful humidifiers from Trotec provide reliable humidification in large halls. The compact Trotec airwashers are best suited to protecting smaller inventories. And what’s more: The employees also benefit from both series. Because all models also clean the air.

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