Hot summer air means damps basements

Hot summer

It sounds like a contradiction but it’s true: Unfortunately, anyone who opens up the door or windows to their basement in the hope of properly airing it out and drying it often achieves exactly the opposite. The walls really start to perspire. The explanation for this phenomenon is simple and brings up the clever word of “summer condensation”.

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Trotec Interview

Interview Gres

Wine has a long tradition in the Gres family in the region of Rhein-Hessian Appenheim. Since the mid-1600s vines have been harvested and processed with a devotion to wine in this family business. Klaus Gres has worked at companies in South Africa and California until he set up his own operation ten years ago. With the help of his parents and wife, the winemaker produces around 120.000 bottles of wine a year.

Thus far, the Gres family has won 14 honour awards of the state in the Rhine region for their wines. There were already some top ratings in the Gault Millau as well! In the Trotec interview he speaks about developments in wine production, traditional methods and the use of air dehumidifiers in his wine cellar. The devices from the TTK S series from Trotec are an indispensable aid. His most recent purchase is a model from the luxury class: the DH 30 VPR.

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Bring on the garden party


Having tents and gazebos is a huge benefit – they are always flexible. If you spontaneously choose to take off for the weekend, you have always got a roof over your head. And if you invite friends over to your garden in the spring or summer, a gazebo will always provide a sheltered area if it gets chilly in the evening or when rain clouds appear.

But being flexible means, in turn, taking good care of these temporary ceilings and walls. Once they have been cleaned – ideally with a high-pressure cleaner – tents and gazebos should be dried and carefully folded. When storing them in a basement or shed, use a dehumidifier to prevent mould and mildew from forming. The TTK-E-S series Compact Dehumidifiers from Trotec provide ideal protection for stored tents.

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Fresh air in the basement


It is not unusual to find damp in basements. In laundry areas, particularly, where wet clothing is hung up and damp cleaning materials are stored, the air can quickly become very humid. As a result, clothing has a musty smell despite being well cleaned. Patches form on the walls, and mildew in the corners. If you are unable to get on top of the situation despite frequent ventilation, you need professional technology. The convenient TTK-E-S series air dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air at the touch of a button. Quickly, easily, and with no complicated installation work. And of course, with the best Trotec quality!

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Spring at last – now to get rid of winter mould


It is now time to get rid of a nasty legacy of the wet, cold season. For it is during the winter that flats and houses often suffer from damp and outbreaks of mildew which can be unhealthy. Ideally, it is best to attack it when it is initially attempting to take hold. Which is why the experts recommend a thorough spring checkup. And, of course, we have to be involved – it’s a point of honour!

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Matured with certainty!

Industrial Condenser Dryers of the DH Series

The most essential factor in cheese production is getting optimal conditions for maturation. If the environment is too damp, the cheese will soon start to get mould. If the air is too dry, the cheese will dry out and maturation is slowed down considerably. You know better than anyone else which climate values which your cheeses need to develop a fine taste and achieve real quality.

This is where Trotec helps you in creating and continuously maintaining the optimal climate in your maturation room. To do this, the high-performance DH Series Dehumidifiers provide an environment with an optimally tuned and constant level of humidity.

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Large components warehouses on top form

Dehumifier TTR 9500

Sometimes it takes months before a wind power plant is assembled. During this time the individual components are usually stored on-site. But these warehouses for large parts must be well thought-out. Otherwise, there is a risk of damage to the wind power plant components, and that can be expensive.

It is primarily humidity that causes damage to the metal parts, control electronics and the wind tower components. In the worst case scenario, after being stored for too long in improper conditions, the individual parts of the plant will become unusable and must be replaced or subjected to costly repairs. Damage like this can be avoided if you combat the penetrating humidity early enough. Equip your large components warehouse and install a high-performance dehumidifier from the TTR range from Trotec.
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Top Deal: Nice prices for the dehumidifier TTK 50 E


Reliably dry for a favourable price. The dehumidifier TTK 50 E removes moisture in rooms up to 31 m² – for a small price. With a little patience you will get it even cheaper. Because when you order now but wait till 30 June, there will be 10 Euro discount once more on the advertising price and you only pay 139.24 Euro.

Besides its reliability, the dehumidifier TTK 50 E convinces through his functionality. Therefore it has been technically reduced to the basics. For a fast handling you don’t have to study the instruction manual for long. Read More

Our new dehumidifiers TTK 120 E and 122 E at Trotec Deal!


Safe cash money while you are waiting! How does that work? Quite simply!
Order a dehumidifier TTK 120 E or TTK 122 E now. Starting calendar week 28 the device will be delivered to you. You will be rewarded around 30 Euro waiting discount on the advertising price for the TTK 120 E, 20 Euro for the TTK 122 E. Snap the chance!

Humidity in your cellar or humid air are annoying, mould in the living rooms is even harmful to your health. But there is a reliable helpmate – for a competitive price. Read More

Trotec and TKL give flood aid in Great Britain


Extraordinary amounts of rainfall have affected large parts of Wales and the South of England. Many houses and flats have been flooded; many people recently started cleaning up. With many years of experience in construction drying and dehumidification and after helping during the floods in 2011 in Denmark as well as in 2013 in Germany, France and Austria Trotec and TKL want to support people in Great Britain.

When the high water is over work just begins because buildings are still wet and it is highly necessary to immediately drain them and to renovate the damages occurred. Otherwise it is possible that mould stains can lead to health problems. Read More