Bring on the garden party


Having tents and gazebos is a huge benefit – they are always flexible. If you spontaneously choose to take off for the weekend, you have always got a roof over your head. And if you invite friends over to your garden in the spring or summer, a gazebo will always provide a sheltered area if it gets chilly in the evening or when rain clouds appear.

But being flexible means, in turn, taking good care of these temporary ceilings and walls. Once they have been cleaned – ideally with a high-pressure cleaner – tents and gazebos should be dried and carefully folded. When storing them in a basement or shed, use a dehumidifier to prevent mould and mildew from forming. The TTK-E-S series Compact Dehumidifiers from Trotec provide ideal protection for stored tents.

Bring on the garden party

The tent or gazebo has only been used during a single season. Yet when it is erected the following year there is huge disappointment – Ugly marks have appeared in the corners of the tarpaulin, there is mould in the folds, and it is permeated by a musty smell, however long it is left to air. Many people who own marquees, gazebos and camping tents recognise this problem. The most annoying thing is that you usually only notice the mildew and mould when you have erected the tent and are about to use it.

The secret lies in good storage

You can prevent this type of nasty surprise if you have the tarpaulin of the tent or gazebo thoroughly cleaned and dried after use. In the summer it is often inviting to dry it out beneath glorious sunshine in the garden or on the balcony. But if the air is too damp or if there is any residual water in the freshly cleaned tent, the moisture gets trapped when the tarpaulin is folded, and it can cause damage when the tent is stored in a basement for weeks and months. So err on the side of caution and ensure that your storage conditions are adequate. The first rule is to have a dry environment, ideally somewhere where the air can circulate. Trotec’s TTK-E-S series Compact Dehumidifiers are the ideal thing for creating these conditions. At the push of a button, and with no unpleasant noise, these powerful units extract moisture from the air and ensure that any residual dampness is removed from the tarpaulin.

Dry in even the smallest folds

Particularly easy to operate, powerful and space-saving – these are just some of the attributes that drive people to use Trotec’s compact class of dehumidifiers. The dehumidifiers are ideal in any basement, storeroom, garage or loft – in fact, anywhere where there is a need for fresh, dry ambient air. The unit’s output depends on the reason behind its use and the size of the space. You can choose from between 20 different models, so all needs are catered for.

Here are a few examples: The compact TTK 24 E starter model for heated areas offers a dehumidification performance of up to 10 litres per day and is absolutely simple to use. Plug into the mains, press the button, and off it goes! You want a bit more power? No problem! The TTK 100 S Comfort Dehumidifier is a maestro with an elegant design. With its hot gas automatic defrosting mode, it offers reliable dehumidification in unheated areas – ideal for storing your tents and gazebos in a basement where, for example, freshly washed laundry is hung out.  The most powerful dehumidifier in the range is the robust TTK 122 E. It can absorb up to 40 litres per day even in large, unheated areas.


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