A skiing getaway without the stench – eliminating odours in the ski store


Ahhh… Fresh mountain air. Eugh! Unhealthy, smelly air in the ski equipment store and changing area. Managers of skiing and hiking cabins or ski rental shops are familiar with the problem: Damp footwear, sweaty sports clothing and slush carried in on people’s boots create unpleasant odours while warm and humid conditions produce bacteria and mould. This is where our specialised products come into their own – and ensure a pleasant and comfortable climate even in the ski store.

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Poor air quality and dry air are a health hazard


Dry air in a room is referred to as when the air does not have enough moisture. Sure, people and animals breathe out moisture into the air and plants also create a valuable regulating factor; however the dry heating air in winter directly causes humidity levels to become too low. This situation then creates threatening health risks such as respiratory problems, runny eyes as well as making it difficult to concentrate and the risk of infections also increases.

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