Fresh air in the basement


It is not unusual to find damp in basements. In laundry areas, particularly, where wet clothing is hung up and damp cleaning materials are stored, the air can quickly become very humid. As a result, clothing has a musty smell despite being well cleaned. Patches form on the walls, and mildew in the corners. If you are unable to get on top of the situation despite frequent ventilation, you need professional technology. The convenient TTK-E-S series air dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air at the touch of a button. Quickly, easily, and with no complicated installation work. And of course, with the best Trotec quality!

Fresh air in the basement

It is not unusual to find water damage in basements. In laundry areas, in particular, there are many danger areas which are only detected when it is too late. If the hose has ever become detached from your washing machine while it is on, you will know how awful the consequences can be. Litres of water spill out onto the floor and penetrate into joints, into plaster on the walls, and into cardboard storage boxes and carpets. This usually goes on for hours, since nobody waits around while a washing machine goes through its cycle. Superficial damage can, indeed, be cleaned up in a few hours. But the damp remains and can cause enormous damage to the structure of the building.
Even without any direct water damage, the laundry area is often a building’s vulnerable point. For basements are not generally insulated or capable of being heated. And there are rarely, if ever, any windows to provide regular ventilation. Air humidity can build up quickly there – especially if freshly washed laundry is regularly hung up and damp cleaning materials are stored.
If the air humidity is too high for too long, the water condenses on the cold basement walls. This causes musty smells which can spoil entire loads of freshly washed laundry even while it is being hung up. Moreover, mildew can form in corners and behind the plaster.
Good, regular ventilation should help. But even if it is aired regularly and intensively, as recommended, several times a day, the characteristics of the building itself often prevent the air from flowing effectively. There is only one thing which can protect the laundry, items stored in basement areas, the owner’s nerves and, of course, the very structure of the building – the introduction of professional technology!

Goodbye damp!

Compact, effective and mobile: Trotec’s convenient TTK-E-S Series air humidifiers. These powerful, practical all-rounders are particularly quiet to operate. There is a wide range of models, tailored to your requirements! And they have a superb price-performance ratio. You can choose from 20 different models: from the TTK 24 E, which does up to 10 litres per day in small, heated areas, through the slim, convenient TTK 70 S Air Dehumidifier, which offers not only top-class dehumidification performance but also a function specifically for drying laundry, to the robust TTK 122 E, with an impressive dehumidification figure of up to 40 litres per day which can even handle high air humidity in larger areas and older buildings.

External drainage if required

Plug into the mains, press the button, and the air dehumidifier starts. A warning light indicates when the water collection tank is full. If you do not want to keep emptying it, you can set your air dehumidifier up to operate uninterrupted for longer periods. For all TTK-E-S Series models can be fitted with an external condensate drain – ideal for lengthy, unsupervised drying!

The benefits to you

  • Different uses
  • Easy to operate
  • Powerful but quiet
  • Reliably protects against mildew spots, musty smells and mould formation
  • Wide range of models
  • Superb price-performance ratio

Find out more about these units’ benefits – available now in our Trotec shop! We have the right model for every taste and every application!

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