Comfortable climate


All hotel operators and guesthouse owners want to offer their guests an optimal climate in which they can feel good. Guests should arrive, unpack and feel right at home: That’s the golden rule. You can achieve this with excellent service and, of course, a comfortable and tastefully furnished room. The vital thing to remember is to have good air conditions in the room. The TTK-E-S series dehumidifiers from Trotec are the optimal pieces of equipment for this. That’s because they provide both the best climate conditions and protection against damage from moisture. Clean, secure, fresh – that’s Trotec.

Comfortable climate

Whether it’s a holiday, a business trip or a short stopover on the way somewhere else: the guests of any hotel or guesthouse want more than anything else to feel at ease in unfamiliar rooms. After all, they are paying money for the service. So there can be no shortcomings. Arrange for the stay of your guests to be as pleasant as possible – with a comfortably furnished room, a tasteful design and layout, the highest hygiene standards and attentive service. In this way the guests will recommend your establishment to others and will return again whenever they have a chance.

Feeling right at home

The golden rule is that hotel guests should feel comfortable, as if at home. The air in the rooms may not seem so obvious at first, but it always plays a pivotal role. Musty smells, stale air, even mould stains or mildew formation will scare off guests within minutes. These problems are caused by excessively high humidity levels, something often present in hotel rooms. You can avoid these situations by tackling the problem of damaging humidity early. The comfortable, mobile luxury dehumidifiers of the TTK-E-S series from Trotec are here to assist you. Fast and professional.

Good choice, satisfied guests

A modern dehumidifier is one of the conveniences that is part and parcel of an up-to-date hotel room. You needn’t look far to ensure a comfortable climate for your guests. Because with the TTK-E S series of luxury dehumidifiers, Trotec offers you the right devices to protect against moisture and corrosion in the rooms. They are compact, mobile and high-performance. And you don’t need to hide this practical and advantageous equipment either. This is because these luxury dryers all have an elegant design that can fit into every modern apartment and every hotel room with subtlety. The mobile dehumidifiers of course work in an especially quiet mode, so that the guests are not disturbed by operating sounds at any time. Simply put one in place, turn it on and let the fresh air flow.

You have the choice

Is it for a small hotel room? For a large apartment or even a luxury suite with especially large dimensions? Or would you like to protect a playroom, library or a reception area from dampness and provide a pleasant climate there. No problem, because with Trotec you have a large selection of different models. More than 20 devices in different performance classes offer your guests the best climate – regardless of where. For example, the  TTR 56 E luxury dehumidifier , which belongs to this series, reliably dries smaller rooms with an area of up to twelve square metres. Because it functions without any compressor or coolant and also doesn’t need any defrosting breaks, it is particularly quiet when operating. It works efficiently and of course fully automatically. One particularly practical feature: The TTR 56 E has an extra mode for drying textiles. This means that after a thorough carpet cleaning, a hotel room is soon ready for use again. A further variant as an entry-level model for smaller rooms is the TTK 29 E dehumidifier with a dehumidification capacity of up to ten litres per day. Thanks to its overfill protection, this model makes it immediately clear when the water container is full. It is also possible to attach a condensate outflow to this device – for problem-free permanent operation following a big clean-up on a room.

Give your guests the luxury air they desire. TTK-E-S series luxury dehumidifiers: an additional star for your establishment!

Find the suitable model from our extensive selection of mobile dehumidifiers

For any taste and all requirements, we have the right model in our product range. Save today with the current special offers. You can currently get the TTK 29 E dehumidifier for just £ 76.51 incl. VAT instead of the previous £ 153.05 incl. VAT – in the Trotec shop now.

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