A skiing getaway without the stench – eliminating odours in the ski store


Ahhh… Fresh mountain air. Eugh! Unhealthy, smelly air in the ski equipment store and changing area. Managers of skiing and hiking cabins or ski rental shops are familiar with the problem: Damp footwear, sweaty sports clothing and slush carried in on people’s boots create unpleasant odours while warm and humid conditions produce bacteria and mould. This is where our specialised products come into their own – and ensure a pleasant and comfortable climate even in the ski store.

Good moods can be gone in an instant as soon as ski guests enter the changing room and equipment store. Some of them might realise that warm, humid, stale and smelly air is not only unhygienic but can also have a negative impact on your health due to the bacteria and mould. That is why Trotec provides its guests and employees with a pleasant and balanced indoor climate with specially developed dehumidifiers and odour eliminators – which also benefits the equipment and clothing stored. This ensures your guests feel comfortable – an important competitive advantage!

Dehumidifiers and odour eliminators from Trotec are ideally suited for:

  • Skiing and hiking huts
  • Hotels
  • Pensions
  • Hostels
  • Ski rental stores
  • Ski schools
  • Sports changing rooms
  • Staff changing rooms

This is how it works

The dehumidifiers and odour eliminators from Trotec remove humidity from the indoor air, neutralise odours and filter out pathogens and allergens. We have two impressive solutions to offer: The compact devices from the ThinC! climate manager DH-VPR+ range or, as an alternative, the powerful team of condensation dryers from the DH range combined with the AirgoPro 8 odour eliminator.

Unique worldwide and 100% made in Germany: Your perfect solution for an optimum, healthy indoor climate – the DH-VPR+ climate manager with ThinC! technology provides effective protection against humidity, odours, mould, pathogens, allergens and dust. After all, optimum air humidity and air purification are a good way of protecting your guests from catching a cold. ThinC! climate managers control the indoor climate fully automatically using a hygrostat and intensity regulator. This allows them to provide reliable protection against humidity even in unheated rooms at low temperatures. The integrated, highly effective ioniser reliably neutralises odours. And with the help of the effective air purification and filter unit in line with the industry standard, the air is also cleared of pathogens from shoes, ski helmets and damp clothing.

The DH air humidifiers have already proven themselves in industrial applications. Developed and manufactured by Trotec in Germany according to the highest quality standards, humidity doesn’t stand a chance against their professional hot gas defrosting systems. To additionally combat unpleasant odours, the condensation dryers from the DH series can be supplemented with an AirgoPro 8 odour neutraliser. Thanks to its plasma field ioniser, the mobile AirgoPro 8 manages even stubborn odour molecules and germs without a problem.

A pleasant climate, “Made by Trotec” – even in the ski store

We are also guaranteed to have a solution to your specific requirements and are happy to advise you on +49 2452 962-400. The Trotec team is looking forward to your call!

Find an overview of our ThinC! climate manager DH-VPR+ and the DH series condensation dryers as well as the AirgoPro 8 odour neutraliser here:

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