Top Deal: Nice prices for the dehumidifier TTK 50 E


Reliably dry for a favourable price. The dehumidifier TTK 50 E removes moisture in rooms up to 31 m² – for a small price. With a little patience you will get it even cheaper. Because when you order now but wait till 30 June, there will be 10 Euro discount once more on the advertising price and you only pay 139.24 Euro.

Besides its reliability, the dehumidifier TTK 50 E convinces through his functionality. Therefore it has been technically reduced to the basics. For a fast handling you don’t have to study the instruction manual for long. Read More

Trotec distance measuring is our special offer


Measuring with a yardstick was yesterday. Forget about folding or rolling in and out a measuring tape circumstantially. With the Laser Distance Meters BD10 and BD15 of the MultiMeasure Basic series you can measure even in the smallest and closely corners and niches quickly and accurately. From now on we provide you both devices for a special offer. Get it now!

With the Laser Distance Meters BD10 and BD15 even the smallest errors in measurement belong to the past. You determine accurately the distance between two points. You can even calculate how many tiles you will need for the floor in your living room or how much wallpaper you need to buy for the wall in the children’s room. Read More

Our new dehumidifiers TTK 120 E and 122 E at Trotec Deal!


Safe cash money while you are waiting! How does that work? Quite simply!
Order a dehumidifier TTK 120 E or TTK 122 E now. Starting calendar week 28 the device will be delivered to you. You will be rewarded around 30 Euro waiting discount on the advertising price for the TTK 120 E, 20 Euro for the TTK 122 E. Snap the chance!

Humidity in your cellar or humid air are annoying, mould in the living rooms is even harmful to your health. But there is a reliable helpmate – for a competitive price. Read More

Pleasant feel good climate with the new mobile air conditioner PAC 3500


Cool technology for a hot summer! From calendar week 23 our new mobile air conditioner PAC 3500 will be available. Using this device you take care of pleasant coolness at home, in workshops, hotel rooms, offices, server rooms or during trade fair construction – for only 399.01 Euro in our deal offer.

Order now and in the beginning of June you get the new PAC 3500 for a deal price of only 399.01 Euro (more than 30 Euro discount). Then you can just switch it on and enjoy refreshing coolness because the mobile air conditioner PAC 3500 will offer you a pleasant climate. Read More

Fast determination of carbon monoxide concentrations


It is spring. Almost every day you can see how neighbours or friends make their cars fit for the beautiful season. Especially the tyre change is important. But that’s not all! What about your exhaust emissions, for instance? Are they ok do you pollute the fresh spring air? With the BG20 carbon monoxide measuring device you find it out quickly and easily.

With the carbon monoxide measuring device BG20 one can quickly determine the exact CO concentration in the ambient air. In this way one can ensure if the valid limit values can be kept. Ready for use within only a few seconds it reliably records CO values between 0 and 1,000 ppm. Accurately down to ± 10 ppm the result is immediately displayed on the big, easily readable display. Even when measuring in dark surroundings the values are recognizable due to the backlit display. When required, up to ten measured values can be saved. Read More

Reliable microwave radiation measurement with the BR15


Not only microwave ovens cause microwave radiation! Often we forget other dangers which can, according to some expert’s opinion, harm our health. For example our well beloved smart phone, WLAN, Bluetooth, wireless video systems and even remote controls and cordless telephones. With the BR15 microwave radiation measuring device you reliably find radiation sources and take care of your health.

Electrical devices are an inherent part of our modern society. Finally, such small helpers like remote controls and cordless phones make our life much easier. Read More

TKL: The Trotec Rental Division – the hiring specialist for small and large tasks


Small devices for private use, machines with medium capacities for commercial use or high-performance aggregates for high industrial requirements. TKL hires out everything as required for shorter or longer demands – on a short-term. With more than 10,000 rental appliances Europe’s leading rental service is an important business unit of the Trotec Group.

Dehumidifiers, building dryers, heaters, fans, odour neutralizers, infrared cameras as well as measurement technology for condition management can be rented at TKL, the Trotec Rental Division, for private, professional and industrial use all over Europe. With 10,000 rental units, we have measuring instruments and machines of any size and quantity in stock. That’s why we are the perfect solution, when it comes to short term requirements for matching equipment for air conditioning, air treatment or ventilation. Read More

The new English Trotec website is online!


We expand! Not only with our branches but also online. Therefore, our new English website is finally online. Modern and structured you will find more service and new functions in the simplified and clear navigation. Special offers, rental products, seminars and many more information are chosen with only one click.

Under as of now you find the new English online appearance of the Trotec Group. Especially under “Products” you will find more extras. For example seminars, e-training and downloads are directly assigned to the particular product. Additionally, you can compare the technical data of the products of one series to each other at a glance and quickly find the heater or dehumidifier which suits your requirements. Furthermore, the new website is optimized for mobile devices. Thus, you always have the important Trotec information with you.

The new intelligent search function finds purchase as well as rental offers or seminars. You even can search for areas of application of our machines and measuring devices. When you know what you want you can specifically search for certain products like electric heaters or fans.
Assigned to the products are the downloadable user manuals. All important facts are collected on one site so that you can immediately start working with your new machine or measuring device.
Up-to-date news about new products, seminars and special offers are in the homepage.
In the new sections “Sectors” and “Applications” we explain where the Trotec products can be used. With practical application examples where our building dryers, dehumidifiers, air conditioners or screen fences can be used, in private as well as industrial areas. Under “Service” there are detailed information about our company group and the single branches but also job offers, downloads of user manuals, software etc., a wood data base, a contact form for questions and suggestions. When you go further through the service section you find all important information about our innovative products, how and where they are manufactured and which novelties you can expect in the future.

The new English website of the Trotec Group is a complete online service that leaves nothing to be desired. Look around. We are happy to welcome you!

Veterinary thermography: that your pet may always feel good!


Just like with the humans the body temperature of animals gives conclusion about their state of health. Minimal variation of the temperature for example can give a hint to a dysfunction of the vital functions. Especially during the first warm days of the year it’s extra irritating, because you want to play outside with your dog or go on a ride with your horse. With thermographic examination disease symptoms can be easily diagnosed at an early stage.

Fresh air, clear sky and the sun is shining. Dog owners can finally go on a long walk with their dog and horse owners gallop over meadows and fields – unless your animal is healthy. To enjoy those beautiful coming month with your pet, you should point out on examination through thermographics. Read More

See what no one else can see: with the mini videoscope BO25


In the tiniest pipe, in the smallest corner and in hardly visible spots nothing can hide from the mini videoscope BO25. With its robust videoscope probe with waterproof camera head you can look through narrow openings into walls to check the cable course or in wastewater pipes to find the cause for a clogging. In many respects that convenient measuring instrument will make your life easier!

The mini videoscope BO25 is the ideal device for optical inspections in hard to reach places. The semi-flexible gooseneck probe can easily be led through bottlenecks like narrow pipes or wall openings and allows one to see even hidden corners. Even in water pipes inspections can be made because the camera head is water proof and has protection class IP67. Read More