Our new dehumidifiers TTK 120 E and 122 E at Trotec Deal!


Safe cash money while you are waiting! How does that work? Quite simply!
Order a dehumidifier TTK 120 E or TTK 122 E now. Starting calendar week 28 the device will be delivered to you. You will be rewarded around 30 Euro waiting discount on the advertising price for the TTK 120 E, 20 Euro for the TTK 122 E. Snap the chance!

Humidity in your cellar or humid air are annoying, mould in the living rooms is even harmful to your health. But there is a reliable helpmate – for a competitive price.
Dehumidifiers are the appealing deal until July, 11: The TTK 120 E will be 299.01 Euro (a total of 49 % discount on the list price), and the TTK 122 E will be offered by us for favourable 349.72 Euro (a total of 52% discount on the list price)

Versatile and powerful!

The dehumidifier TTK 120 E dehumidifies up to 30 litres per day with an air circulation of 340 m³/h. Thanks to automatic hydrostat controlled dehumidification it ensures a constant humidity in rooms up to 95 m², thus a comfortable atmosphere.
If you leave him unattended for a lengthy period nothing will happen, because if the 10 Litre water tank is full the device turns off automatically without overrunning. The level indicator additionally gives you a visual signal. With his super-dry feature the dehumidifier TTK 120 E is even suitable for permanent drying. The device has a connection for an extern condensate drain, so you don’t have to empty the water tank three times a day. Additionally to the standard features belongs an electronic defroster, a carrying handle and steering wheels for easy transport. Previous settings of air humidity level are easily recognizable on the display. At a temperature range between 9 °C and 35 °C and a humidity range between 40 % and 100 % the TTK 120 E works reliably. Fix the deal: Save about 30 Euro on the advertising price and pay only 299.01 Euro.

The dehumidifier TTK 122 E dehumidifies up to 40 litres in 24 hours with an air circulation of 350 m³/h. With a power consumption of up to 0.7 kW the compact device keeps rooms of up to 140 m² reliably dry. The TTK 122 E as standard has a level indicator if the water tank is full, overflow protection through automatic turn off, carrying handles, connection for an external condensate drain and a digital display that shows the current settings to the user. In contrast to the “smaller” TTK 120 E, this device has a highly-sophisticated automatic defrosting mode. That makes it significantly stronger for the usage in unheated rooms under 15 °C, because with the same compressor output the dehumidification level in a temperature range between 5 °C and 15 °C is about 30 % higher.
With this deal you can save, additional to the favourable offer, around 20 Euro and only pay 349.72 Euro for now.

Both new dehumidifiers are attractive for their striking look. The stainless steel look coupled with the lightening blue water tank makes the TTK 120 E and the TTK 122 E to eye-catchers. That’s why they cut a good figure, no matter which room.

Order now, wait until calendar week 28 and save money. What are you waiting for?

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