Veterinary thermography: that your pet may always feel good!


Just like with the humans the body temperature of animals gives conclusion about their state of health. Minimal variation of the temperature for example can give a hint to a dysfunction of the vital functions. Especially during the first warm days of the year it’s extra irritating, because you want to play outside with your dog or go on a ride with your horse. With thermographic examination disease symptoms can be easily diagnosed at an early stage.

Fresh air, clear sky and the sun is shining. Dog owners can finally go on a long walk with their dog and horse owners gallop over meadows and fields – unless your animal is healthy. To enjoy those beautiful coming month with your pet, you should point out on examination through thermographics. On the one hand it’s cheaper than conventional examination methods, therefore it’s a plus for dog and horse breeders, and on the other hand many diseases can be recognized at an early stage. Inflammations and even simple violations activate the natural body defence. That leads to a higher blood circulation and thus a higher temperature of the body surface. With a thermographic camera, for example of our IC series, even smallest temperature-differences are clearly recognizable.

What to recognize with thermographic recording

Besides multiple inflammations at the inside of each animal, udder diseases of cows for example can be detected with the cameras of our IC series. Lameness as well as relieving posture and “Trittstörungen” will be determined quickly by a veterinarian. Hoof affections of horses and cows can be detected fast, as well as muscle- and joint inflammations. Researches with thermographic cameras are not only suited for acute problems, but also as prevention examination. Breeders for example could supervise the pregnancy of their animals. Even for the animals of a zoo or the wilderness regular health checks can be arranged quickly and easily, because the animal can move around instead of standing or laying still, like at the veterinarian. That’s the reason it’s basically stress free. For significant videos with extra active animals for example the infrared camera IC080LV would be proper because of the video function.

Finally, thermographic cameras aren’t especially practical because veterinarians can take them to their patients. In a manageable sized carrying case you can take the whole equipment with you. That makes the equipment ideal for different mobile applications, such as in the barn, zoo, at the veterinarian, tournaments, deer parks, breeding stations and many further places.

That’s how you bring a beautiful Spring to your biped and quadruped and make them fit for the warm season – with thermocraphic cameras from Trotec!

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