See what no one else can see: with the mini videoscope BO25


In the tiniest pipe, in the smallest corner and in hardly visible spots nothing can hide from the mini videoscope BO25. With its robust videoscope probe with waterproof camera head you can look through narrow openings into walls to check the cable course or in wastewater pipes to find the cause for a clogging. In many respects that convenient measuring instrument will make your life easier!

The mini videoscope BO25 is the ideal device for optical inspections in hard to reach places. The semi-flexible gooseneck probe can easily be led through bottlenecks like narrow pipes or wall openings and allows one to see even hidden corners. Even in water pipes inspections can be made because the camera head is water proof and has protection class IP67.
During the inspection you can track everything on the 3.2 inch colour LCD. Single images as well as video sequences can be saved and watched on a TV or computer monitor for later analysis. To see everything in dark areas one can use the powerful quad LED illumination with variable brightness.

Additional tools in the scope of delivery for additional applications

Another helpful tool is the recovery instrument for loose parts or for taking samples. The side-view mirror attachment makes even deeper insights in not available areas possible and with the magnet attachment you easily find metallic objects.

Additional useful features are the multilingual on-screen menu for an intuitive operation during use as well as many predefined or directly in the CMOS of the BO25 sensor integrated parameters such as exposure or focusing of the target area.

The mini videoscope BO25 is sold with a discount of 37.81 Euro and costs only 199.00 Euro.

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