Trotec distance measuring is our special offer


Measuring with a yardstick was yesterday. Forget about folding or rolling in and out a measuring tape circumstantially. With the Laser Distance Meters BD10 and BD15 of the MultiMeasure Basic series you can measure even in the smallest and closely corners and niches quickly and accurately. From now on we provide you both devices for a special offer. Get it now!

With the Laser Distance Meters BD10 and BD15 even the smallest errors in measurement belong to the past. You determine accurately the distance between two points. You can even calculate how many tiles you will need for the floor in your living room or how much wallpaper you need to buy for the wall in the children’s room.
At the push of a button the Distance Meter BD10 shows accurately volume and surfaces thanks to the reliable laser technology. Not easily accessible sections, behind tubes or massive cupboards or in lower range storage for example you measure with only one hand. Therefore you hold it to a wall and by pushing the button it measures the distance to the opposite side. No crawling over the floor, no marking the wall to the point where the yardstick was and no estimating on bottlenecks where the yardstick can’t get at. For only 44.95 Euro (fully 50 % cheaper than the list price) the fast and accurate distance meter belongs to you.

At least as reliable and precise, the Distance Meter BD15 disposes about the same functions but measures distances up to 50 metres indoors. You can even measure out bigger rooms like dancing schools or fitness centres. Therefore we even grant a discount more than 50 %. The BD15 costs only 54.95 Euro and you save profitable 62.86 Euro.

The Distance Meter BD10 as well as the Distance Meter BD15 has a button for every function and setting for easy handling. The wide display can be optionally illuminated for working in darker areas. Furthermore both devices dispose about the Pythagoras Function for indirect measurement as well as addition and subtraction, planimetry and volume calculation.

Starting today the Distance Meter BD10 and BD15 are available as our special offer. What are you waiting for? Order today!

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