Pleasant feel good climate with the new mobile air conditioner PAC 3500


Cool technology for a hot summer! From calendar week 23 our new mobile air conditioner PAC 3500 will be available. Using this device you take care of pleasant coolness at home, in workshops, hotel rooms, offices, server rooms or during trade fair construction – for only 399.01 Euro in our deal offer.

Order now and in the beginning of June you get the new PAC 3500 for a deal price of only 399.01 Euro (more than 30 Euro discount). Then you can just switch it on and enjoy refreshing coolness because the mobile air conditioner PAC 3500 will offer you a pleasant climate. Read More

Enough oxygen – more power


Measure the air quality with the BZ25 CO2 air quality meter and the BZ30 CO2 air quality data logger for a pleasant climate

The climate at work must be good. On the one hand you have to get on well with your colleagues. On the other hand the room climate has to be good as well because we easily get distracted and slow when we don’t get enough oxygen. Often sentences are used like “The weather makes me tired”. Sometimes when there is a sudden drop in temperature or a rise in temperature that’s really the problem. Actually, in most cases it is because we don’t ventilate enough.
Not enough oxygen affects our brain power and, thus, our performance. A long-term lack of oxygen and a surplus of carbon dioxide can even harm your health. A CO2 concentration between 1,000 and 2,000 ppm already is conspicuous, a concentration of more than 2,000 ppm is considered unacceptable. Read More

Measure the air quality and breathe deeply!


Do you know how high the CO2 concentration is in your house? Can you breathe freely and deeply when you come home are do you get tired quickly while sitting on the couch?
How much oxygen and CO2 the room air contains verifiably affects our well-being. Especially indoors it is important to know that the more active we are the oxygen content decreases while the CO2 content increases. When your children romp through your apartment the oxygen content decreases pretty fast. When you cook or even when you are just relaxing on the couch the room climate changes. Therefore, you should – especially for staying healthy – always take care of the optimal indoor climate. Read More