Fast determination of carbon monoxide concentrations


It is spring. Almost every day you can see how neighbours or friends make their cars fit for the beautiful season. Especially the tyre change is important. But that’s not all! What about your exhaust emissions, for instance? Are they ok do you pollute the fresh spring air? With the BG20 carbon monoxide measuring device you find it out quickly and easily.

With the carbon monoxide measuring device BG20 one can quickly determine the exact CO concentration in the ambient air. In this way one can ensure if the valid limit values can be kept. Ready for use within only a few seconds it reliably records CO values between 0 and 1,000 ppm. Accurately down to ± 10 ppm the result is immediately displayed on the big, easily readable display. Even when measuring in dark surroundings the values are recognizable due to the backlit display. When required, up to ten measured values can be saved.
Critical values can not only be read on the carbon monoxide measuring device BG20 but also a signal sound immediately warns you. From 35 ppm the device alarms you with a sound. Its interval gets shorter when the concentration increases. From 200 ppm there is a permanent warning sound. The alarm limit value is individually adjustable. Furthermore, the BG20 has a maximum value and a hold function. After 15 minutes inactivity it automatically switches off. The measuring device is handy and can be operated with only one hand.

Currently, you save 49.27 Euro on the carbon monoxide measuring device BG20. It only costs 139.94 Euro in the Trotec Shop.

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